Saturday, June 5, 2010

Murph is in His Furever Home

Hi folks, spoke to Pati today. The family drove down to MD and picked up Murph this afternoon. He's now tucked in their bath in order to have some time to relax and adjust to his new surroundings. They'll give him a few days of "just family" interaction to let him get acclimated before they introduce him to his new furblings.

The kids are very excited about the new addition to their family (they know all about proper treatment of cats, having lived with them all their lives) and accompanied mom and dad to pick Murph up today. Murph was quite anxious on the drive so they carefully let him out of his carrier to sit with the kids. Murph settled happily next to young Ian... but after a while Ian lamented, "Mom, I think I'm going to need a new seat... Murph is crowding me out!" How sweet is that!

Pati reports Murph had been brought current on his shots and is still experiencing a little bit of after affects. He's enjoying the cool of the bath tiles right now. He's also going to get a lot of gentle grooming over the next weeks to bring his coat back to it's lustrous state.

Congratulations, Murph & family!! Wishing you many long years together... and we'll be waiting anxiously for more news and pics.

More Needs on the Interubes

Please do check the right sidebar and click through. Love & Hisses has posted two AL situations: One is an owner death, necessitating quick adoption of three shy kitties, and the other is SNAP needing funds to spay and neuter a colony of feral bobtails. Amy of the House of Cats has let us know about six Meesers in KY, in a high kill shelter due to another owner death situation.

We can't always help personally, but we can link, post, offer our purrayers and support and maybe a green paper or two!

Back at the Casa

Well, in the flurry of activity surrounding Murph's rehoming, I didn't report that the babies got their first shots on Tuesday!! Doc gave me some ointment for Lawrie's left eye, which has been a bit irritated. Other than that, they're a hale and hearty little duo.

And, since they'd been with Sonia a couple of days before they came to me, Trudy and Lawrie came out of quarantine on Thursday. Winnie took right to the little guys. The other residents, not so much.

No overt hostility toward the babies, but plenty of warning off from Annie (no surprise), Peggy Sue (disappointing, but not surprising, since Peggy Sue arrived Friday and has had to adjust to being back at the Casa) and Grey (big surprise... he's usually a teddy bear - maybe just too much change all at once with Peggy Sue coming back and the babies coming out). Bitty has been keeping to the catwalk and higher regions of the Casa and has been quietly watching the interactions. Poor little kittens, they're getting used to hisses a lot faster than I'd hoped.

But the babies do have one friend and champion. Forgive the loud fan in the background... it doesn't seem to make that much of a racket in real life... LOL!

There is officially no more room at the inn!

Kayla and Zimmer (Aggie and Percy) are installed, in their own quarters, in the finished basement for the next 3 1/2 weeks while Ali is traveling for work (more on that tomorrow). The gang, however, seem very aware they are there. And handsome Marley is back with us for a week and will spend nights in my bedroom to give the General Population some down time from all the newness. Everyone is adjusting but there's been a bit more hissyness than usual among the GP.

Since I wasn't expecting to be fostering kittens when I said "yes" to visitors, or that Peggy Sue would have left and then returned, I'm praying this isn't too much change, too fast, for everyone's nerves. I'd hate to think this is overloading my sweet gang - especially Grey. The babies will spend tonight in the bathroom, just to give the adults a break. Hopefully tensions will ease over the next couple of days as everyone gets used to the new cast of characters. Fingers crossed!


  1. Wow! Lots going on there. Yay for Murphy and also for the kittens coming out. We're hoping the whole gang comes into a harmonious coexistence soon.

  2. There is a lot of love around The Casa so I think everyone will be all right! You do have your hands full!

  3. It sounds like it's all systems GO at your house! It's feeling rather empty in ours tonight. We are so thankful to hear that Murph's story has had a positive turn. We wish him all the love in the world.

  4. I'm still so smiley over Murph...and Peggy Sue too. Wow, the is lots going on at your place fur sure!

  5. We're sending many purrs to all the kitties you are caring for (and many thanks to you!) We hope everyone settles down soon!

    We're very glad to hear that Murph is in his new home - still sending purrs to him and his family (old and new).

    P.S. The meezer boys are in a better situation now - check here for update:

  6. Wow, that's a lot of kittehs! We are full up with 3 here, though we did once have 4. Mum says she can't imagine having that many kittehs in one house! (but our house is very small and only 1 floor.)

  7. Thanks for the update about Murph! That really is lovely news!

    And I hope these other kittens over at Love and Hisses and Amy and the House of Cats find furever homes asap!! Poor things.

    It's lovely also to see Trudy and Lawrie settling in and finding their little space amongs the bigger kitties. I hope they all find their own niches and balance with each other!

    You're doing a grand, grand job!!! Thank you for being there for these kitties!
    Take care

  8. We're tired just reading about all the excitement going on there. It's terrific Murph is safely home and with kids who know how to treat a pet kindly.

  9. Yaaay for Murph! I loved him crowding the boy out - that DID make me laugh. He will do fine there won't he LOL!!!



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