Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everything is still on target for Murph's new home

Hi folks! It's late - after 11 pm (a class and needing to work with one of our fosters ate up the time this evening) so this will be short... I had a chance to talk to Pati and will post more details tomorrow night - promise!

For tonight just a couple of quick things. Pati and her family will be picking Murph up on Saturday. Yay!!! Murph's mom's nurse is OK with this, in spite of the fact that allergy to Murph landed him in the hospital earlier in the week. (Talk about a great guy, who just wants the best for Murph and his mom!!) And, most important, Pati has promised to send updates and pics to keep us abreast of Murph's adjustment to his retirement home, so we've got more to which we can look forward.

Since I'm too pooped to do much more tonight, but this was already done, here's the post that was going to go up on Trudy and Lawrie the night Murph's news broke. The little ones had been having a grooming session and, of course, stopped doing that as soon as filming started - but we did get Trudy to talk to us! (Sorry about the big, ugly human feet in the vid... LOL!)
See you tomorrow night!!


  1. Thanks so much for the update! We're purring and sending good thoughts to Murph and all his human and feline family and friends.

    P.S. Thanks also for the video!

  2. I'm so glad for Murph!

    Trudy and Lawrie are adorable. Love the video and Trudy's talking! They have the cutest faces, and they look like they're very sweet and affectionate.

  3. We're also sending purrs and good thoughts to Murph and all his human and feline family and friends. And the video is adorable.

  4. Yay for Murph! Great news!

    And OMG, the babies are so adorable!!!!

  5. What wonderful news for Murph!
    Trudy and Lawrie seem so affectionate and loving, and have the prettiest eyes!

  6. So happy things are working out.

  7. That's so great for poor Murph. Not much makes me more sad than seeing a kitty in a cage at an adoption event with a sign saying that their elderly bean had to give them up. Very sad on both ends.

    And Trudy and Lawrie are adoraboz! Want...

  8. We are so happy about Murph finding a home - we wish every cat was that lucky!

    And Trudy and Lawrie are just adorable!!

  9. The good news for Murph just has us all smiling. Speaking of smiling, that video of the little ones was so very cute!

  10. Ok, so Murph got help - now there are six siamese in Kentucky that could use the help of anyone - they have been left at a high kill shelter after their owners husband passed away and her son and daughter in law moved in - DIL is allergic so they couldn't stay with their mom. We have a post at House of Cats (link in my profile) if you would like to help out!

  11. We're so glad Murph is safe, but it must be terrible for his human to have to give him up just when she really needs his company the most. We know it must console her to know he will be going to a home instead of being killed at the shelter but it's so sad they're being separated.



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