Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PSA Updates & Zimmer vs. Trudy Smackdown, Part II

PSA Updates - Happy, Happy News!!

What can I say, guys? You rock! The kitteh intertubes came through again! First I heard that the little midnight momma found a foster family and, when I checked in on Robin's blog, where we first read about this, discovered she soon found a furever home!! Go on over and read all about it!!

And, over at IBKC, they're 1/3 of the way to goal and yesterday's Drewey Memorial "Embrace Your Inner Crank" challenge netted over $3K (which goes toward the goal) to be directed to help senior kittehs!! I am just dying over the imaginative daily challenges for the fundraiser - whoever came up with this idea was brilliant!

Zimmer vs. Trudy Smackdown, Part II

Here are the rest of the pics from the wrestling match yesterday (again, sorry for the lousy cell pics, but they woke me up doing this and I grabbed what was handy)...

An early pin and Zimmer contemplates his next move.

It's a classic ear gnaw!

Trudy squirms for better position, initially looking like she's gotten herself into deeper trouble.

But no! Now she's perfectly positioned to punish Zimmer with bunny kicks!

Exhausted, the opponents consider their options.

Wisely, they choose lovin' rather than fightin'. Mutual grooming ensues! What's this???? Zimmer!!!! You rogue! You don't know her well enough for that!!


  1. Hooray for Midnight Mama!!! I've been checking your blog to find out about her.

    Lovely Zimmer and Trudy sequence. Hehe... kitties are sooo unconcerned with propriety.

  2. Loved the photo sequence with Trudy and Zimmer! Those pics are great--better than many some of us take with our cameras. LOL.

  3. Awesome pics. Trudy and Zimmer are briiliant at rassling!

  4. We are so happy for Midnight Momma.

    Trudy and Zimmer you has some good moves.

  5. The action is sure happening and the wrestling is super! Hip-hip-hooray for Midnight Momma!

  6. YAY, Midnight Mama!!!!!!!

    Loved the photos of Trudy and Zimmer.....xxxxxxxx

  7. Awww, play play play groom groom groom. I love it when the playing is interrupted by spontaneous bouts of grooming.
    I can't wait until the other cats start playing with Bella, she's already braved a couple of swipes at Summer's tail, and they didn't earn her a smackdown so more may be progressing soon.

  8. Hooray for MIdnight Mama!

    Those are some great wrestling techniques by Zimmer and Trudy. :)

  9. We're really impressed by Zimmer and Trudy - we could take lessons from them.

    We were so happy to hear that Midnight Mama got a forever home.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. MOL....those were some fine wrestling moves.

  11. We were so glad to hear about the black kitty! And the photos of Zimmer and Trudy are wonderful!

  12. Trudy and Zimmer are so cute together. And we are so happy about all the good news up at the top - it is so great!!

  13. Great wrestling match and news about momma cat! Happy 4th to you all.

  14. "You don't know her well enough ..." -- ha!

    Wow, Lisa, you have been one very busy kitty news coordinator here. I'm so impressed.



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