Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Urgent PSAs and Last Day with Kayla and Zimmer

Georgia Area Reader Alert!! Important - Euthanasia Tomorrow!
A reprise of our post on Sunday... it is important because tomorrow, this lovely young mother will meet an untimely fate.

If you are a Georgia area reader, or if you have friends in that area, please do spread the word! Click on her pic or click here, to go through to the post on Robin's blog, for more details.

She's beautiful and friendly. Unfortunately (1) no one could find her kittens and (2) because of the low adoption rate of black cats, she is one of the first in line for euthanasia. Spread the word, please... post, email to your freinds in the Georgia area... you know the drill!

6/30 1pm - Update over at Jan's... Yay! Foster care still needed but she will not die today!

DC Area Short-Term Fosters Needed ASAP
If you are in the DC area, please consider this if you've ever been interested in fostering... it's not the usual long term foster commitment - it's for 10 days. The shelter has had an unexpected influx of 20 cats due to an eviction. Pop on over to Bethany's blog, Capital Animals, for details. If you have friends in the DC area, please spread the word.

It Figures They Wait Until The Last Day
Found the connetor - it and the iPhone cord are safely hidden, now! But the stuff from yesterday will have to wait because today is even better!

Forgive the somewhat blurry cell pics but it was happenin' and I didn't want to miss it. Zimmer and the kids decided to get down to some serious fun. This morning unassuming Zimmer was peacefully laying at the foot of the bed...

When two little hellions appear and everybody gets into a genuine free for all!

We had bunny kicking, and choke holds and going for the jugular... all in good fun!
Tomorrow the one-on-one between Trudy and Zimmer.

Here's a preview of the end of the encounter... it just got better. You guessed it... mutual grooming.

*sigh* Why did they have to wait for the last day to really let their hair down? Oh, we'd had some chasing and pouncing and whatnot, but this was just a joy to watch. What a way to wake up!! :-)

Kayla and Zimmer are back at Ali's this evening. *Sniff* Not to worry... the summer is long and DC is close. I predict a visit in my near future!


  1. Love the pics of the friendly wrassling. We hope all of the kitties find fosters and homes. We can't take any cuz there's already 2 of us in a tiny apartment.

  2. We will purr and purr for that beautiful black kitten. We live in the UK so can't adopt her.

  3. They look like they are having a ball! :)

  4. We were hoping the black cat would be rescued by now. It makes us sick to think she may be PTS tomorrow.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for posting about the DC kitties. I'm crossing my finger for the Georgia kitty. She's beautiful. Maybe my dream now has to be a pit bull and black cat rescue...
    Aren't black cats good luck in England? So we just need to find British transplants...

  7. Update on black cat.

  8. I'm so happy that the black cat is going to be saved. I only wish I lived closer...I have a soft spot for black cats.

  9. I've just been over at Jan's Funny Farm and the news is brilliant for that gorgeous kitty! Yay!!!!

    And I hope you had a beautiful last (but only temporary!!) day with Zimmer and Kayla!

    Take care

  10. Those pictures were lots of fun! I was excited to hear the news about the sweet gal in GA, YAY!

  11. We are so glad that the black kitty is going to be saved!

    And we love the pictures so much - that is always how it happens - the fun picks up right when everyone has to go!

  12. Whew! So happy that the black kitteh is going to be saved!!!

    ...Zimmer and Kayla are starting to settle back in here, they have both been coming up to me for occasional pets, although both are still a bit wary.



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