Sunday, June 6, 2010

Murph & Rancho J2 Updates

We got an email from new mom Pati today!

I promised pics and here's a slightly fuzzy one to get started...Murph has perked up a lot overnight and seems to be more relaxed. Our others know something is going on behind the door and sit just on the other side. This morning, we opened the bathroom door, so Murph could venture into our room for a bit.
More pics to come over the next couple days as he gets some grooming done. His whiskers are crazy and his neck fur is almost a mane!

At Rancho J2
Socializing Whiskey and Tango continues. As with most socialization, it's a slow process but those small gains mean ever so much. Whiskey was treated for mastitis, and everyone is feeling much better after their surgeries.

Catnip...mmmmmm Whiskey as stoned kitteh (brother Tango had worn himself out).

And their quarantines are over... so happy to be back together again!

The Casa should be renamed "The Circus"

The cats are keepin' me busy... sorry there aren't any pics. Marley has suddenly decided to start chasing poor Winnie. *Sigh* He did this last night, too, but then left her alone all day... he's in time-out in my bedroom right now. Last visit, he got along with everyone. I suspect the crowded conditions, and the little ones keeping things stirred up, may have prompted some of this.

Generally, today was a bit more relaxed. The older kittehs are ignoring the youngsters more often, instead of warning them off every time they cross paths. The dweebs are a riot but, except for Winnie, the older cats do not seem amused. I, however, am eating it up. Now if only I could figure out a way for someone to pay me to stay home and play with them. ;-)

Kayla and Zimmer (Aggie & Percy) have chilled out as well. Today was almost like old times with Kayla draped over my arm and Zimmer curled up beside me while I read. I hate the the fact that they're segregated in their own quarters but, frankly, I don't think the GP could take the addition of two more new personalities right now. I split sleeping last night, starting out in the bed upstairs and finishing the night with them in the basement. Tonight that will be reversed.

Tomorrow will be the first day at work since the visitors arrived and the kittens have been out of quarantine... and I think I'll put Winnie and the kids in my bedroom to avoid any problems when I'm not here to referee. But, if things continue to mellow at the rate they did between yesterday and today, everyone should be getting along just great by the time Marley is ready to go home... LOL!


  1. Wonderful news all around. Just wondering am I the only one who has "Hello Peggy Sue" on an endless loop in my mind? Or is my age showing?

  2. Fantastic news!!!!!!!!! There are so many sad stories out there that it does our hearts good to hear/read good news......

    Yes, our mama has "hello Peggy Sue" doing a loop in her head too!!!!!!!!


  3. Hehe, well, you certainly have your hands full! Poor ole Winnie. Good thing she gets some down time with the babes.

    Marley, what a boy.

    Happy about Whiskey and Tango. They look great together.

  4. That is great that Whiskey and Tango are doing better, and great that Murph is in his home so he can start to get used to it. We know it will take time with all of them. And boy it does sound like a circus at your place right now!! Good luck with that :)

  5. What a fabulous post today! G;ad to hear things are calming down a little and that Murph is doing well!

  6. We loves hearing the good news.

  7. Me all the good news...Murph...Peggy Sue. Keeps my grin up!

  8. Yeah Murph!! We're so glad things are going so well!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Great news! So happy to hear that Murph is settling in to his new home.

  10. Much has happened here since I last checked in -- Peggy Sue out, Peggy Sue in, sweet kittens, and Murph! You've been a busy lady, Lisa. So happy that good things are happening for so many.

  11. Hi! I don't know if you do the whole award thing, but I did give you one. Stop by 9 and Chani's blog to pick it up :)

  12. Catnip is wonderful stuff!

    Good for Murph!

  13. Boy what a set of whiskers Murphy has. So great that you try to find forever homes for some of the kitties. Hope you can find one for all of them.




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