Monday, March 15, 2010

Building Inspector Winnie Reports Construction Coming Along Nicely

Building Inspector Winnie here. Yesterday's inspection of the new kitchen and dining area for Casa Space Paws went well.

I'd been told that duct work would be reused. I concur - reuse, repurpose, recycle, I say!

We do need to check it careful for any areas needing repair.

Equipment seems to be in order and well maintained.

Good choice for this application, I'd say.

Nice tracks for the new pocket doors.

Look at that! You can see all the way into the basement!

Yes, all in all, I'm quite satisfied!

Gary reported, when I first moved here, that Winnie was his inspector on all of his home improvement projects and that he enjoyed her company while working. (The cats were indoor/outdoor then.) She'd even sneak into his house, unseen, only to be discovered on the bed when nightfall came. That all ended when the cats became indoor only, and Gary & Rox have missed her visits.

Now that he's doing my home improvements, Winnie has resumed her role! Actually, Gary doesn't allow her in the rooms when he's working, but she regularly slips in when someone goes in or out to do a quick inspection.


  1. Winnie is doing such a great job, I think a raise in treats allowance is in order!

  2. Well done, Winnie - a very thorough inspection!

  3. So diligent! It's good to have a Feline Inspection Officer on the job.

  4. Winnie is a wonderful snoopervisor and inspector. Looks like a lot of fun (not) at your house. But it will be great when it's over. We are getting new carpet in about three weeks. Mom isn't sure what she is going to do with us. We may go stay with a friend for the day. xoxo

  5. Winnie needs a hard hat if she's gonna be spending time on the job (lol).

  6. Winnie, we can see you are an excellent snoopervisor. xxxxxxxx

  7. Winnie certainly hasn't missed a beat when it comes to snoopervising! All cats like to investigate, but some have more of an urgent need to be in control of everything within their territory. I think Winnie must be a Queen of her domain. Cute!

  8. Having Winnie snoopervise will guarantee a purrfect job.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids



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