Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 out of 6 kittehs prefer... bed. At night. With me in it.
Only Miss Bitty is absent from the bed. She, of course, prefers high wire sleeping these days. It's possible she was there at some point. The far bottom corner of the bed is her usual spot and it was unoccupied.

What makes this pic special is the proximity of Miss Lilo to Peggy Sue. :-) This is part of a breakthrough for her that's been developing over the last couple of weeks. So, when I woke last night, hemmed in by kittehs, I very slowly and carefully contorted myself out of bed to try to capture the historic moment - thank heaven for the slats on the headboard to use as grab bars. I used the cell... if I went for the camera, I knew the moment would be over.

And, yes, I escaped through the 2' of space at the top of the bed. I was sandwiched in the channel between Annie, Peggy Sue and Lilo. (Yeah, they managed to nudge me partially out from under my extra blanket.) As the joke goes, sorry guys, king size is the largest bed they sell. We all know it wouldn't make any difference if there was a larger size, though, our furkids would still plaster right up against us! :-)

More amazing, I slowly and carefully contorted myself back into bed and everyone stayed put. Why do we do this? What is the psychology of not wanting to disturb the kittehs? Is it deeply buried desire for a body as flexible as theirs and we see this as an opportunity to practice?

Anyway, back to the breakthrough... up until a few of days ago, Lilo insisted on claiming an entire side of me at night. Sometimes Win would move in to the bottom on that side during the night, but we never started out that way. Then, one day, Winnie plunked herself on the same side right at the beginning of bedtime, although a foot or so away, and ignored the hisses that followed. Surprisingly, Lilo did not get up and leave or move in and run the usurper off. The next day Peggy Sue followed suit in boldness, again at a distance, but on the same side, and got no adverse reaction. Last night, 6" away. Yay!

(Sorry all these pics are cell, but that's the way it's been lately... camera way out of grabbing range.)
I'm very proud of our little grey diva. Lilo has clearly turned a corner and warmed up, not only the residents, but to me, too. Oh, she's been a lap sitter and bed sleeper since day one, but she never burrowed in so trustingly before. You can just feel the difference.
And she's sharing space much more freely now. Here's a pic of Lilo sharing the chair with Winnie. I tried to get one of Peggy Sue and her sharing my lap but, I have to shoot blind and my aim was way off that day... got only the tips of ears.

The construction is coming along. I'm soooo excited. I know it'll be a couple of months, but watching the demo systematically proceed, and the utilities go in, has been great. Gary says the pocket doors will go up first (yes, the French doors will be moving... more on that later) so you'll be able to see some progress. In the meantime, you can see that the living room is in constant disarray. Oh, well, it's worth it!


  1. Those are wonderful pictures, I bet you are really happy to capture that moment with 5 of them together!

  2. Wonderful picture, but we really wondered where there was room for you????? :) Have a very happy Sunday. xxxxxx

  3. What a lovely post...I loved each and every bit of it, especially the news that Miss Lilo has made such wonderful progress! The cats in the bed photo was great...isn't it funny how we twist ourselves into the weirdest and most uncomfortable positions, so as not to disturb the kitties...while at least in my house, the kitties have no problem walking on top of our heads in the middle of the night :)

  4. Great shots! We are so happy to hear about the fantastic progress that Miss Lilo is making. Glad to hear the construction is moving along, too. :)

  5. Holy smokes, that's quite the bedfull! What a great place to sleep though. I bet it's super cozy with all of them :D
    Wonderful news that Lilo is progressing well, too!

  6. Yay, Lilo! I'm missing kitties horribly at the moment and it totally warmed my heart to see Lilo burrowing so trustingly into you. Glad to hear life at Space Paws continues to be copacetic.

  7. LOL ~ you are making me laugh! Why is it that kitty lovers do not like to disturb their sleeping kitty ~ ha! I do the same thing. I will sleep in a tight, uncomfortable ball as Banjo sprawls out over my 1/2 of the bed. Too funny!

    Oh how your bed looks so warm and snuggly and full of love with all those sleeping kitties ~ you are one lucky gal! Love it!

  8. Mum says one of the best things was seeing me being on the bed with my sisters. Zowie and I will sleep pretty closely together, but Pandora still (even after a year) will not let me get close at all without giving me a warning hiss.

  9. "What is the psychology of not wanting to disturb the kittehs?"

    I do the same thing...Perhaps it has something to do with the intrinsic cuteness of kittehs...One just hates to distrub something so adorable...

  10. bed full of kitties, i love it! i've only gotten 2 of the 3 at once. and i love how you squirmed in and out, lol! and lilo snuggling on you is too precious!

  11. Wonderful work you are doing for all cats :-)
    Cats deserve the best .....

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  12. Yay for the breakthrough! I'm sure Lilo must have had some trauma which caused her to be distrustful when obviously it's not her true nature. Only time and lots of love can heal these unseen wounds.

    I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to disturb a sleeping cat. We have a cardinal rule in our house and I use it as an excuse all the time to get my husband to fetch for me, i.e., "I can't move, I have a cat on me!"

    I guess you'll never need an electric blanket!!! You've got six (or more) little comforters.

  13. Those are great pictures! And I totally understand about not wanting to disturb the kitties - I do that all the time!



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