Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Short-Term, Part-Time Furkid, Marley!

So what in the heck does that mean?

It means I'm pet sitting for a co-worker. Marley is such an awesome dude, and I knew today would be super busy, so I thought, "Let's take some pics of him when we visit." Did I remember the camera? Of course not! So cell pics it is, folks!

This is the handsome Marley. A manly mancat.

Marley must "read the news" each time I come. There must be a lot of news because he reads a long time!

Marley also appears to be interested in his mom's reading material... oops, distracted by a squirrel!

Marley loves to be rubbed. I'm surprised there's any fur on that chinny, chin chin after my visit.

Do you know how hard it is for me to leave when you look at me like that, kiddo?

Yeah, you know!! ;-)


  1. Am I the only one who looked at handsome Mr. Marley and immediately thought, "Oh, he and Peggy Sue should to get together and form the Creamsicle Kitteh Dream Team"? (Okay, I have no idea if his regular human would want another cat, but the two of them WOULD make a pretty pair of marmie-and-white bookends, don't you think?)

  2. Oh, you're right, they'd make EXCELLENT bookends! I call it "salt and pepper shakers." Almost the same, but different enough that you can tell which one is which!

    What a lovely, floofy white tum this boy has!

  3. Well hello Marley, you've been charming the ladies I see!

  4. How did you manage to wrench yourself away from such an irresistible belly? What a sweetie!

  5. Hi Marley! You are a seriously handsome dude! And that last photo is adorable. :)

  6. Aw Marley is a very handsome mancat. He is sure trying to get you to stick around in that last photo. He's turning on the charm!

  7. When all else fails, do the "I'm being adorable" drop and roll. Kitties are so conniving sometimes (lol).

  8. What a handsome dude!!!!!!!!

    May your joys
    Be deep and many,
    May your heart
    be light and glad,
    May you have the best
    St. Patrick's Day,
    That you have ever had.


  9. Nice to meet you Marley! Happy St Pat's - do stop by and visit us.

  10. physics today?! just some light reading marley?

  11. Marley is a handsome little dude! I love that last photo of him...how on earth did you manage to leave? I would just stay and rub his little belly forever!

  12. Marley seems like a real sweetie! He obviously loves you -- and why not?

    He reminds me a little bit of Dylan, but with more white. Your friend is very fortunate to have such a caring kittysitter. It will make her time away, much easier, I'm sure.



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