Monday, February 1, 2010

Miss Lilo goes to the vet

Hi everybody!! Thanks again (so much!) for your patience! As promised, we captured Miss Lilo's first trek to meet Doc Andrew for our first post after hiatus. I'll be catching up over the next week or so... it's amazing... get a couple of days behind and spend a week catching up! ;-)

Lilo's last mom was elderly and the last records her beansis, Cheryl, found were quite old, so Lilo got the whole shebang. Just for good measure, she was tested for everything under the sun, too. All negative!! Yay!!

You may recall that little Lilo (make that not so little... she weighed in at 12 lbs, 7oz) is not fond of the carrier. She's still not fond of the carrier and expressed her disapproval all the way up the road.

Lilo was, however, good as gold about being loaded in, unloaded and, best yet, she cooperated, without protest with every procedure!! I'm so proud of her!

Amazing vet tech, Chris, getting Miss Lilo out of the carrier.

After exploring, Lilo contemplates the higher regions of the room.

And contemplates them some more.

And then, swoosh, she was there. Has to make you wonder if she remembered what goes on up there!!

In moments she'd settled in, queen of all she surveyed.

What's this?? Sharp, pointy objects on the other table? This can not bode well!

But Doc Andrew was gentle and checked our girl from stem to stern.

And pronounced her hale and hearty! Yay!


  1. YAY Lilo!

    Vet visits can be scary, but you handled it like a pro! (mum only wishes that Zowie would be so good, she was doing a lot of hissing at today's visit and dental. But she is doing very well now.)

    We hope you will find a nice new home Lilo!

  2. Lilo is such a pretty girl--glad to hear she's a healthy one, too!

  3. We hate the vet! You sure were good Lilo, and we are happy you're healthy.

  4. Nice to have you posting again and glad Lilo came through her exam with flying colors.

  5. Lilo is a beauty. Glad to hear she did so well with Doc Andrew and very glad you are posting again!

  6. Hurray Lilo! You got out of there without a Stitch. (har har har-get it? Lilo and Stitch?)

    I have to see my Vet on Tuesday for a retest of my pee. Should be an interesting morning. xoxo, Busby

  7. Way to go Lilo, I am glad you are very healthy and the trip to the V-E-T went well!

  8. Congratulations Lilo! You were such a good kitty at the vet. So glad everything is all good and you are nice and healthy. Good stuff!

  9. It's so good to know that Lilo is healthy as well as beautiful! Well done, Lilo!

  10. yay! she looks like mia, my cat from high school who lives in my mom's closet. she and her sister are the biggest scaredy cats. i sing ma-ma-ma-ma-mia to her (like cha-cha-cha-cha-chia!). lilo needs a song...

  11. What a good girl you were, Lilo. We are so very happy to hear that you checked out A-OK. We also think you are totally gorgeous. :)

  12. Good girl, Lilo! You look totally relaxed up there.

    Twelve pounds is definitely not small; Missy weighs about the same at the moment. (Love having her draped over my legs when she's willing!) She's not the butterball Jada was, but we're still keeping her active so she doesn't gain anything but muscle :)



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