Friday, January 29, 2010

Space Paws will be back on the air 2/1

Hi folks, well, the best intentions of keeping up with posting during the busy period have done gone and slid into oblivion! (I'm even typing this on my break at work, not from Casa Space Paws!)

Space Paws will be back on the air, Monday, 2/1... and hopefully life will be back to normal!!

In the meantime, know that all of the kittehs are doing fine. Miss Bitty's tooth problems seem to be a thing of the past, Miss Lilo continues her slow acclimation to the new digs (I got belly last night!!!!) and is scheduled for her first visit to the vet Monday afternoon... undoubtedly the subject of the next post you see... LOL! All other kittehs are just being their cute little selves.

Can't wait to catch up with everyone!! I miss you guys!!



  1. Don't worry we know everyone has busy times! We are glad that everyone is doing well!

  2. Thanks for the update, glad that your work is getting back to normal. Look forward to fresh posts. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

  3. Hang in there babe,,,miss ya .


  4. We miss you too, but know that you'll be back full force when work calms down for you :)

    purrs and hugs
    9, Chani and Marlene

  5. We've been missing you too and we are glad all is well!

  6. We miss you too, Lisa, but we understand that pesky little thing called having a's terrible when things like work get in the way of fun :) I totally blame my father for not being a multi-millionaire :)

  7. Belly! That's great. We're getting more tongue time than anything else around here.

    Looking forward to the update but I totally hear ya on the limited time thing!!

  8. Oh, good, you'll be back today. Great timing. We gave you an award today. Come by any time.



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