Thursday, February 11, 2010

Integration update & Snow makes Kayla and Zimmer quite happy!

Ahhh... it was too good to last. ;-) Lilo's been hissing and growling a bit when other kittehs come too close for her comfort, but actually the vocalizations are still less than other new adult fosters when they first meet the General Population. No altercations just polite distance at this point.

Update on Kayla and Zimmer

Well, Ali's kittehs have been in 7th heaven with all this snow - their bean has been home for 6 days straight! They've gotten quite used to having their resident pet machine at their beck and call. Enjoy it guys, it'll probably not happen again for quite a while! Here are some pics from mom, Ali:

Why, yes, I DO own the place.

We love the cat tree!

The purrfect bureaucat.

I know the mice are in here...

Catnip bliss.

A true Washingtonian... wears his tags 24/7.


  1. Awww, Zimmer and Kayla look totally blissed out. Enjoy your time with your bean, you two!

    Miss Lilo, I think you just need a little more time,right? :)

  2. Glad everyone is getting used to their new homes! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  3. Oh sweet Lilo, all these changes must be so confusing for her, but I bet with all the love that she'll get at Casa SpacePaws, she'll soon realize what a wonderful place she's in and relax a bit :)

    So happy to see Kayla and Zimmer in their new forever home :) Thanks for the updates!

  4. We loved the update on Kayla and Zimmer and it makes us happy to see them doing so well. xxxxxxxxxx

  5. At least the snow was good for the kitties! I have a feeling few others out there are quite as delighted ... ;). Keep warm and enjoy being spoiled, little ones.

  6. Ali is making them babies very happy! Don't worry about Lilo and the hissing, pretty normal given that poor sweetie's situation. Have a warm and wonderful weekend! It's gonna snow in the South...go figure!

  7. Ahhh. Integrating the adult kitties is tough:) We have 3 unrelated females(fixed of course) that have lived together for over five years. Still growl,chase,hiss,and swat at each other. They NEVER cuddle. But they seem happy. My motto is "as long as they are not injuring each other or having a "pee war" every thing is okay:) Love seeing Kayla and Zimmer having so much fun!



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