Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jasper & Kona pics and a Lilo update

So, for the folks near here... had enough snow yet??? Here are the pics Doc Phyllis kindly sent us last week to help keep you warm and snugly! (I just love that little tongue action in pic 3!) I can only imagine that Phyllis, Jasper and Kona are snuggled up themselves today!

The doc reports "... the smudge on his nose is when he enthusiastically sniffed my bike chain. There hasn't been a repeat performance..."

Miss Lilo Update

We've had two break ins to the quarantine suite in the last three days... Bitty and Winnie both got in when I didn't see and stayed, for extended periods, with no confrontations... soooo Lilo's been sprung! About three hours ago, I left the quarantine zone and didn't shut the door behind me. She's been out and about, toured the whole house and has met all of the residents. There haven't been growls or hisses so far. Got to admit I'm kind of amazed!

Well, it wasn't entirely accurate to say "no growls," just none that count. When Lilo was exploring the bathroom, Peggy Sue settled down at the door to watch. Lilo wanted to leave, got within 6 inches or so, and issued a low growl. Peggy Sue just got up and sashayed off and that was that.

Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Wow that is great about Lilo - sounds like she will be fitting in well til she finds a good forever home! And the pictures are great - and we have had some bike chain investigations at our house too so that is very funny!

  2. Little Jasper's smudged nose is just too cute! Love all the photos! Thanks Doc Phyllis :) Also, great news about Miss Lilo! Yay for peaceful coexistence and fingers crossed for making new friends :)

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  4. What lovely pictures - Jasper seems happy and content in his new home with Kona and Doc Phyllis~ Yay!
    And dear Lilo - such a sweet girl. I am glad she is fitting in well while she is staying with you, but I hope her forever home is soon to come!

  5. Go Lilo go! Such beautiful pictures, but they would have to be, their beautiful kitties!

  6. Aw, those are some really sweet pictures! All fingers, toes, and pawsies are crossed here!

  7. The federal government is closed again tomorrow (we've been closed since noon on Friday). Kayla and Zimmer are MOST pleased that their letter to the Purrez had an effect... ;)

  8. So glad to read that everyone is settling in! Thanks for the update and stay safe in all that snow!

  9. Jasper is such a cutie. I just want to smooch that smudged nose (after cleaning it a bit too).

    Love the paw action.

    And great to hear about Miss Lilo :)

  10. LOVING the smudgy nose! And yay about the no growl/hiss issues! Keeping our paws crossed!



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