Friday, February 12, 2010

Our gang liked the snow storm, too.

Here's a set of pics of the Space Paws gang taken during and after our recent Snowmaggedon, as it's come to be called. The kittehs really do seem to have gotten used to me being around all day and I've got to say I'm going to miss being around them... even if I am actually looking forward to going back to work. Cabin fever sets in quickly, I'm afraid.

So, if you hadn't heard by now... 44.3" in 5 days in Baltimore. 49.9" within 8 days. 79.9" this winter (previous record, 62.5" in 2003). As you can see, some of the mounds are taller than a minivan! And they're calling for more snow on Monday. I don't care if it's only supposed to be a couple of inches... enough already!!

Miss Winnie, the intrepid, crowded the door almost every time I went out. Figuring she wouldn't go far, I let her explore. She had a nice long tour of the porch on this evening. And yes, the snow fell as deep as the porch. Have I mentioned I'm heartily sick of snow?

Here's the Bitty, doing her cute thing... all floofy toes and tummy and tail and adorable little tongue. She was a love bug that morning.

And that afternoon, she just looked lovely in the setting sun.

Miss Lilo deigned to pose for us, too. The whir of the flashy box coming on usually seems to be her cue to exit. ;-) After a brief bit of hissiness on Friday, things are going quite well between her and the residents. Most close passes don't even merit a warning growl now. Yay! And she has become quite the lap sitter. This seems to have inspired more interest in said perch among the General Population. I'm loving the competition for lap, personally!

When she's not looking for a lap, Peggy Sue usually settles down on the Hubble throw. I snagged a pet session with her on video this week, so that will be coming to you soon.

And a great pic of Grey going after Bitty. Yes, this is still going on! It's an almost daily event and the outcome is never different. She gains the high ground and he won't go above the middle step (one step higher than the one he's on here). This time he has an audience in Lilo, too. When he gave up the chase and decided to get down, he realized he was trapped between the girls. You could almost see him trying to figure a way out. Nobody gave ground for quite a while!


  1. Loved the Miss Bitty picture by the light of the setting sun. What a beauty. Glad to hear Miss Lilo and the Residents are getting on better :)

    Darling 9 and Chani used to fight over my lap, but now, it's definitely 9's spot. Chani gets my arm at night though.

    Sending lots of warm thoughts your way!

  2. Burr on the snow...we even had snow in the south! Hello Bitty, your fluff is beautiful!

  3. So much snow this year! Banjo hasn't put his paws outside yet ~ too cold still for this city kitty!

    Love all the updates and pictures of all the kitties. It must be so much fun living at your house!

  4. Love the photos! We certainly understand why you are tired of the snow. It's too deep! Have a great weekend!

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  6. Oh all the kitty photos are just delightful...the one with Miss Bitty being all cute and floofy just killed me with all that toe floof :) Yay for Lilo getting along with the residents better...and poor Grey being sandwiched between the ladies was hilarious :)

    Sending you warm thoughts and hoping the snow goes away soon!

  7. love those pictures of bitty!

    wish we had something like snow days here. it'd be nice to not have to worry about doing anything for a day or two.



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