Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adjusting slowly

Hi guys... a quick'n'dirty entry. This is basically my update to Cheryl on Lilo today. Things should be back to normal at work next week and I'll start visiting again... I miss you all! I will be glad when the W-2s'n'all are out!

Lilo actually greeted me with a headbutt to my hand today. And then she leaned into a nice session of ear and chin rubs. Of course after I petted her for a while, she remembered she's miffed and gave a low growl, hissed and stalked away... LOL! (I have seen this before, many times... it always cracks me up. Kind of a delayed, "Hey, wait a minute, I'm mad at you!") Not to worry... a little progress each day and it'll be lovin' time before you know it.
Lilo chowed down today after just picking yesterday. She's eating the dry food but ignoring the wet. (Thank you to Lilo's beansis, Cheryl, for the water tower - it's working out well and it's nice she has something familiar.)
On the other side of the house, I'm getting the impression the longer term residents are none too pleased about my divided attention, but they'll get over it, too. They always do - it's just the first week or so and then everybody settles down. Maintaining the irritation long term takes too much energy, I think!


  1. We always miss you...but we know busy too! Keep going Lilo, you're getting there!

  2. That's great that Lilo is feeling better. Glad your work will start slowing down ~ it's nice when things get back to normal. :)

  3. Ha, I tried a water tower like that. Daphne thought it was a swimming pool - every day I'd come home and the tower would be empty and the casserole under it would be full. The day I caught her with her paw stuck into the bowl up to her elbow, the water towers went away.

  4. WE are so glad that Lilo is begining to adjust - we know she will be a happier girl soon. It is just tough to have a new home and a new mom at the same time!

    Good Luck with the W-2's!

  5. Adjustment is a tough period sometimes. Glad Lilo is eating well!

  6. Aw, she's a beauty. I had a water tower until one discovered how to make it bubble and knocked it over trying to get at 'em. Sigh.

  7. Lilo has such a sweet face...so glad that she's adjusting well and hopefully can soon hang out and make friends with the residents :)



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