Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lilo is coming! Lilo is coming!

Tom and Cheryl confirmed today that they're going to move Miss Lilo here to Casa Space Paws. Even with daily visits, she's getting lonely at her old home so, once they've run her to the vet and gotten her shots up to date, she'll be taking up residence here. I'll keep you posted.

I'm buried at work so I thought I'd beg your forgiveness and do some reruns until Miss Lilo joins us. I also haven't been able to up with you my friends. I'm sorry, but right now work and the kittehs come first. On the bright side, I'll have plenty of enjoyment to catch up on once W-2s and 1099s are out at the end of the month!

But back to the quick posting effort... I looked at a couple of the early uploads to YouTube and, although this one is far from the best, it got Miss Peggy Sue's attention. The kittens are 5 days old and having a weigh in. The are decidedly NOT happy about being removed from their warm, soft box and are quite vocal about it.

At the first kittens mews, Peggy Sue rushed into the room and started to nose around. She quickly identified the sound as coming from on top of the desk and jumped up. She poked and nuzzled around looking for the kittens... it was just so adorable!

I waited a few minutes, Peggy wandered off. I played it again. Back she came! Amazing! So here, in order of appearance, are Ace (Ginny), Percy, Miles (George), and Jasper (Fred)...


  1. hooray for Lilo coming to you. Hopefully, she'll get along with the general population :)

    And I just have to say that that video just blew my brain with the cuteness! Thanks!

  2. How cute is that...loved the video, the mewing was driving my sisters bonkers...but that doesn't take much. YAY for Lilo! She needs to companionship!

  3. Woohoo for Lilo! Get ready, Ms. Lilo, you will have LOTS of wonderful company soon!

    And how precious are the Maples babies? I always love a good rerun, even if I end up with an exploded head from all the cuteness.

    Good luck at work; I look forward to a Lilo update!

  4. their eyes aren't even open yet! i love seeing them so wee after they're all grown up. it's kind of hard to believe they're both the same kitty!

  5. That is great that you are taking Lilo in! And boy that video is a cute one. I am not surprised that Peggy Sue came running - she probably still remembers their little voices from back then!

    And don't worry, we understand you are busy - reruns are great!

  6. I'm so happy that Lilo is coming to live with you...the thought of her all alone in her previous home always made me sad...yay for new Space Cadets...guessing poor little Annie is probably NOT thrilled...just got rid of one, and now another's coming to stay :)

    The video of the tiny Maples just melted my heart...I remember way back when they were little, you had posted another video of them where they were doing their little squeaky meows, and back then, as soon as I played the video, my sweet Poppy started running around the room, looking for kittens...the boys never react to kitten videos, but Poppy would always perk up and start looking for them...I miss my little girl so much...

  7. Both my Fuzz (male) and Sweetpea (female) came over to the laptop to find the unhappy kittens when I played that video. Sweetpea's pupils were all dilated. Interesting!

    I hope Lilo adjusts well and is happier than all alone.

  8. Excellent choice! One of my all-time faves.

    Welcome, Lilo! You just got REAL lucky.

  9. None of my cats (5) stirred when I played the video, but my female dog went nuts looking for the crying babies.

    Good luck with Lilo. I'm glad you can take her in so she isn't left alone any longer. Poor baby.

  10. I'm pretty sure I just collapsed from the cuteness of this movie. Really. That is just the most adorable thing ever :D

  11. Awww.... Peggy Sue is such a sweet mama! Are there no takers for a purrmanent home for her? I will have to play the video for my kitties (one of whom was a teenage mom herself) and see if there is any interest in the mewing.



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