Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Noel becomes a young lady tomorrow!

I don't believe you've seen any pics of Baby Angel since she became Noel! STScI staffer, Frank and his wife adopted Baby in December and, in honor of the season, named her Noel. Well it's time for Miss Noel to become a responsible young ladycat and Dad Frank brought her in to work to hand off to Miss Sonia. Noel, Cheeks and Big Girl are all going together to the vet tomorrow.

Noel has a big fursister, Shilo, and they love to wrestle and play. From all reports, is a real Daddy's girl, sleeping with him every night. But Frank reports she's got some larceny in her, too. Noel steals money. Really! Frank noticed money was disappearing from the table (you know, when you turn out your pockets). Finally, he spied Miss Noel toting a $10 bill under the bed. Lo and behold... a stash of cash!

Hmmmm... first Percy and the pistachios. Now Noel and the greenbacks. What are we doing wrong that these sweet kittens turn to a life of crime???

Hi Miss Sonia! I remember you... you used to visit my brothers and sisters and me all the time when we were baby cats!

I love you, Dad!

Daaaad... you're not fooling me! I KNOW that's you!

Yeah, it's gonna be OK, I like this lady! See you tomorrow, Dad!


  1. Noel is very lucky and very pretty too! I never thought of stealing those money bill things, maybe I could pay for the treats I order online then!

  2. Lucky Noel & her family. And I don't think she was stealing. She was just trying to help save money during these hard economic times :P

  3. A cash stash! Hilarious.

    Congratulations on becoming a responsible young ladycat, Noel :)

  4. Good luck with your surgery Noel! We love responsible cats!

  5. ooh, i need one of those kitty banks! it's like that savings account that collects all your loose change, and you don't even realize you're saving. then *poof* mound of dough! er, cash dough, not bread dough. though kitties do like to knead... what about a kitty bakery! not baking kittens verb, but baking kittens adjective! i bet you could make a mound of dough that way too on the novelty of it. real kitten-kneaded bread...

  6. p.s. i ADORE pic and caption #3, daaaaad!

  7. Oh she is such a cutie! And the money-stealing is hilarious! I have seen other kitties do it to, though only in pictures.

    We hope that her surgery goes well!

  8. Love her name, PURRfect and she's such a beautiful girl! We hope all goes well.

  9. Oh Noel is such a she wasn't really stealing money...she was just saving up to buy her Daddy a big bag of treats...wait...or were the treats for herself? Well, maybe she would share with her Daddy...

    Good luck with the surgery little one! We're so proud of you!



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