Monday, January 18, 2010

I, for one, don't miss her at all!

Sheesh, the way the woman got weepy yesterday, you'd think something was wrong. The Great White One left on Saturday and she hasn't come back... YAY!!!

Aggie was forever hogging the woman's lap. NONE of us stood a chance at getting a shot at the lap in primo time - you know, when she watches TV. Until Grey arrived, she hogged the bed, too, and didn't want me on it when she was there. Grey is nice. Once he came, he decided who can come up on the bed and HE likes me to sleep with him.

And food... puhleeze! All of the rest of us know to stay off of the counters, but not Aggie. She'd jump right up there and get all the good juices before the woman shooed her off or had a chance to put the plates down. Grey lets me go first for the wet food. He's a gentleman.

Nope, I don't miss Aggie one little bit. I bet Bitty thinks the same thing, even if she isn't brave enough to say it. Oh, she tolerated her OK, but I don't think she really liked Aggie, except when they torured Percy together. And the Maples... I don't know. Percy would play with Aggie a lot (he's weird sometimes... I think he likes being tortured) and Peggy Sue seemed to like her well enough, especially these last few weeks, but maybe that's because Aggie was here before they were. Come to think of it, Aggie was nice to everybody for the last couple of months... but I won't forgive her for those first months. She was mean to me!

Winnie, well nobody ever dares be mean to her so she likes everybody - I want to be like Winnie when I grow up. Nobody bothers her. I haven't quite figured that one out yet.

I'm still not convinced about this fostering thing but it's OK, I guess when nice cats like Grey come. Have I mentioned I like Grey? He lets me go first when the woman plays "mouse under the blanket." I put my nose up to his the other day and he didn't mind. I think he's starting to like me, too. And the Maples are alright but, geeze, I used to have my pick of everything and now I've got to share.

Best of all, I've got the top of the cat tree back! It was always my spot before the GWO came and it's mine, mine, all mine again!!! YAY!!

Anyway, that's my opinion.
Annie (aka, Greyzini)

PS - The woman got all red in the face when she read the nice comments from the gentle readers. She says she doesn't deserve all the nice things they said about her, but she's really happy everyone is so happy for Aggie! And she says even if she got weepy, knowing Aggie was worth it. I beg to disagree. ~A


  1. This entire post is sweet, but I admit it was the last part that got me. "...knowing Aggie was worth it."

    Aggie has had a blessed life to have shared so much time with you. Clearly she needed the time to find her true self so she'd be ready for Ali when she came calling.

  2. Oh Annie, sweetheart, were you feeling a bit left out? I'm so glad that you and Grey are becoming such sweet friends...everyone needs a cuddle buddy in their life and looks like you've found glad that you have Grey and he has you :)

  3. Well, we miss Aggie already, and we left her a little award on our blog for Tuesday. We love you too!

  4. Ay yai... Annie, you are adorable and I'm glad that "the woman" let you take over the blog today. Every kitty needs to vent sometimes.

    hugs and snorgles to you!


  5. Annie, How much I understand you! As a baby, I was thrown into a nice family garden, where there was already a cat, Choupette. Since I missed my mother very much, I'd cry at night, and Choupette would let me suck her for about a month (She did not have milk, she had never had kittens, but she was taking care of me and my sorrow). Then she decided it was time to wean me, and from that moment, she was no longer nice to me, she was even really mean. Until that year when it was so hot in France. She disappeared. and at last, I had the whole house for myself, I was an only cat. No more torture. Life became heaven. sigh, it only lasted 4 days. My human came back on night, with a cat carrier, and Choupette was in it. She had been sick and taken care of at the vet... If you could have seen my disappointed face... Choupette was fine again, and mean again... Now that her kids are away, we have to take care of our human. Recently it was so cold here, that we reached an agreement, and spent whole afternoons both on her lap, almost touching each other. But most of the time, Choupette will chase me, hiss at me, make me miserable (I tell you a secret, I let her believe she is the boss, it makes this old cat so happy, but in fact, I don't care, when she does not watch, I have our human all for myself).
    I'm sure that deep insid, you too miss Aggie.

  6. Annie, isn't it nice to know that every cloud has a silver lining????? xxxxxxx

  7. I often think my cat is thinking this sort of post about my fosters.

    Congratulations on Agie's adoption, the hurting will pass. I promise. She was so lucky to have you on her team helping her to become the cat she needed to be to get adopted.

  8. Annie, you can't fool me...I know you miss are really just happy with the top seat!

  9. Wow, we are so far behind - I am so excited to read that Aggie got adopted, but I know how hard it has to be for you to let her go. But she will have a wonderful forever home so you have to keep that in mind!

  10. Val -- Kiefer, Andy & Gus' MomJanuary 19, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Annie, you are so lucky. Your tormenter is gone. Mine came almost two years ago and never left. Mom said that "Naughty" was just here to get better and go to a furever home. Well, that "Naughty" got a new name "Gus" and stayed. Mom says he burrowed into her heart. Sure, he's sweet to Mom, but he's mean to me. I was top cat until he came. I had implemented the minimum 4" rule. Nobody, but Mom, could be within 4" of me. Not Gus, he just come and plop right down and even TOUCH ME. I used to move, but then I figured out Gus was doing it on purpose to get me to move. So now I stay - no matter what - even if he sits on top of me. I'll get him. Sometimes I have to give him a licky, not because I want to, but because he is SO dirty and he might contaminate me.

    Love and hisses,


  11. To the Woman: I'm just catching up on Aggie's adoption story -- how lovely! I shed buckets of tears when Jada got adopted (she was our first). Hugs.

    To Annie: Hee hee, I bet you're glad to have your old spot on the cat tree back! Enjoy it.

  12. YAY for Aggie finding a new home! We haven't been on for a bit as we have a sick little bean AND computer at home! Sorry you're sad, but take peace in knowing she is with a loving family!

  13. oh lisa, you deserve EVERY nice thing that could be said. :)



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