Friday, December 4, 2009

Batting Practice

Bitty and Percy have been playing with each other for some time now. No sunggling or mutual grooming but the pair sure do like batting practice... around corners, under doors... and now between bars! The video starts a little slowly, but they finally get down to it in the last minute.

The "clunk" you hear is the end of the board near the staircase. I need to figure out how to secure the catwalk at that point. Seems my walls aren't quite straight and the board loses contact with the door molding in the last few inches, otherwise I could just use a finishing nail. Naturally, everytime someone steps on that end of the board, you get the sound of it flexing and bumping on the molding. It seems a lot lounder in the video than it does in real life!


  1. That's so great! Glad to see them playing with one another :D

  2. bitty needs to have batting practice all over the house. with that fluffy tail flicking about, you'll never need to dust again!!

  3. Ha! Dieter used to do this with Jada through the spindles on our staircase. I never did get the chance to shoot video of that. Glad you caught these two!

  4. How much fun is that cat walk!! Looks like they are having lots of fun ~ I am sure all the swatting is done 'with love'! :)

  5. >The "clunk" you hear...

    A quick fix for that may be a piece of foam tape, you could find a lot of different kinds in the hardware store with the weather stripping. The best permenant fix may be a small block attached to the stairs under the end of the board.

    -Amy, a carpenter in MA who _loves_ your blog.

  6. Yes, they are having tons of fun on the catwalk! Now if only I could find the time to get it painted. (My mantra... after the audit, after the audit, after the audit...)

    Amy, thanks for the great suggestions! Much appreciated!


  7. Oh, Lisa. That's just precious. Every cat should be so lucky.



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