Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday


Last week Sly wrote to Space Paws and said he'd like to peek in on us from time to time. Actually, he said:

Maw name is Sly. I founds yur blogs the other day and wanted to send some mails saying Hi. I am new to the bloggins world and luv meetings new cats. Mum said she wud add yous to our blogroll so I cans keeps a very close eyes on yur blog. I hav a Cat blog at: I mainly blogs abouts Cat Care and hows to tak goods cares of us. Mum proofreads my works. She says it luks more professionals. She doesnt know what shes talkin abouts.

Anyways.... I luk forward to reading and commenting on yur blog post....
Sly the Cat Care Guru

Being kind of curious, I went on over to his site and found that Sly has put together lots of information for pet owners.

I wrote to Sly to find out more about him and his beans and what they were up to. He wrote right back (his mom edited his reply a bit):

Just ordinary Pet Lovers. We have two dogs and one cat. The site is designed to help newer pet owners with questions that they may have. We don't make any money, we just love helping others. We are not professionals, nor are we vets, simply people who care about animals. The one thing that keeps us motivated are the awesome emails from people we have helped.

I know this isn't much, but we are pretty simple.

Well, Space Paws would beg to differ. Folks who work to help make their little corner of the universe a little bit better are special. We all aren't necessarily called to do it in the same way. So here's a Space Paws thank you to Sly and his beans! Thank you for reaching out to new pet owners and pulling together a lot of resources for them in one place!


  1. Good stuff ~ the more people caring about pets ~ the more pets that can be cared for!

  2. Thanks fur yur great comments. Its sites like yurs that helps us educates others. If it wasnt fur peoples like yous we wud not be able to helps many peoples.

    Thanks you!

  3. Sly is adorable! Thanks for sending the link there :D

  4. They sound very nice, thanks for bringing them to our attention, I will go by and say hello too!

  5. Thanks for introducing us to Sly - we are heading over there right now!



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