Saturday, December 19, 2009

And It Snowed...

And snowed some more. These are cell pics from a couple of days ago, but this is the latest breakthrough, and the chilly weather today encouraged a repeat performance! Grumlegreykins... in my LAP! Wow! I was honored. I was thrilled. My legs cramped. He's 15+ pounds. ;-)

Another step toward socialization. Yay! But you know what? He's the only cat I've ever had who will give head-to-head headbutts each and every time I hunker down for one.

It's technically still snowing but the storm is about over. Officially the heaviest snowfall in December in MD, ever. 18" here, which may seem wimpy to those of you in the North, but it's pretty darn heavy for B'more. Spent the day cuddling with the furkids, reading, cooking, catching up on laundry, clearing snow and indulging in bad B movies with my fav B-man, Bruce Campbell (yes, Aunty, just me, the kits and the Bruceter all day... wish you were here!). Let the good times roll!

I tried very hard to interest the kittehs in going out, but they were smarter than I. I did, however, provide them with some entertainment each time I donned boots to go out and shovel (about every 6" or so). Aggie was the most persistent and I finally snapped a shot at her going after the laces. Yes, once again with the cell. *sigh* I seriously need to think about getting a pocket size camera with some features.

Can't wait for tomorrow and getting some blog visiting done. I've missed you guys!!! A lot!


  1. 15+ pounds! Wow!

    18" is a lot by any standard :)

  2. Grey has come so far, I'm not sure I could let him go. What a sweetie.

  3. Yay, Grey and Aggie pictures!! I'm so glad Grey came for snuggles, even if he cut off all the circulation in your legs. :) What's more important - being able to walk, or being able to snuggle? ;)

  4. Even we think that 18" is a lot! Wow!
    We recommend a heated cat bed for those cold days, or a very snuggly bean. Luckily we have both ;)

    Mum says that Grey is very handsome and mancatly, and she is glad to see him cuddling. :)

  5. I'm on them there former northerners (born and raised in Minneapolis, now live and work in Washington D.C.), so this was nothing for me. ;) I do so enjoy watching how we freak out over it all here in DC, though..."Snowmageddon"? LOL

    You should bring in a handful or two of the white fluffy stuff and see what the kitties think of playing with it. :)

  6. Oh Baby Girl...I wish I was there last night ...I would have brought the wine and the artichoke spinach ( sp) ala Knorrs dip

    Love to all...

    e mail me if ya need.


    Your Aunty P

  7. It's so wonderful to see him so comfy and happy! He's such a beautiful BIG boy.

  8. Yay for the snow! As a Displaced Michigander, I must admit that I took a certain perverse pleasure in watching my neighbors spin their summer tires in vain and was highly annoyed that they cleaned out the produce section at the store. It's just a little frozen water, people!

    But my beasties were very glad that I couldn't go much of anywhere. :-) Especially my 18-pounder, Pumpkin. Yes, I'm working on his weight problem, but in the meantime he's an excellent lap-warmer!



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