Sunday, December 20, 2009

And they all settled down for a long winter's nap...

Or two... or three...

Yep, I used the snow as an excuse to do, well, nothing! All day! Again! The kittens and I had a couple of naps, I read and we all ate a lot. The following pics aren't of any of that, however... heehee! These were actually taken moments ago when I thought to myself, "You must go get a picture and post before bed." There being no subjects in sight downstairs, I hied myself upstairs and found four furries sleeping on the bed... which was still a wreck from the naps, but what the heck!! Percy fled the scene, disturbing his mom, as soon as the flashy box whirred into action, but I was able to snap three together. ;-)

I'm sort of into layering the bed in winter. As a woman of a certain age, layering helps me adjust quickly to that fluctuating internal thermostat of mine! There's the woven summer bedspread, the blue fuzzy thing, an ancient quilt (outside of this shot) and, always, the cream knitted kitty snuggy (for them, not me!).

The naps were awesome! Me stretched crosswise on the bed, so the lovely sun could stream in on my back, hence the pillow in front of Grey as well as behind him. Percy curled up in the small of my back, Peggy Sue or Aggie (it changed a couple of times) behind my knees and, for a while anyway, Grumplegreykins under the chin. When he moved off, he was still in petting distance. Bitty took up her usual post on the 2" strip of wood that is the top of my headboard - she likes to sleep in weird places - and Winnie on the bench at the foot of the bed. Annie was under the bed, so, at times, I guess we were all together, technically speaking!

Here's Grey in his favorite spot... the sham pillows are usually piled up on the "unused" side of the bed and that is his now... nobody would dare usurp!

And below is a shot of Annie, aka Greyzini. You don't see a lot of our little Greyzini because she's kind of shy. She was great buddies with our long departed Gomez. Unfortunately she hasn't ever been close to any of the other residents. And the 'zini hadn't warmed up to any of our guests, either.

But, now that Grey has taken charge of the bed, Annie, who some time ago abandoned the bed, has suddenly taken to coming up on it again. Given that she's usually sleeping closer to Grey, I suspect he is the reason. Whatever the motivation, it's good to see her more social again.

(Yes, Margaret, that's your snuggle blankie... our little 'zini has dragged it off to her favorite spot under the bed more than once. Mean mommy that I am, I take it away and put it on the bed again for all to share. It is a very popular napping spot.)


  1. Don't worry I think layering is just a preference. My Mom layers too and shes only 22! She has 2 sheets, 2 quilts and 2 comforters

  2. Hehehe - Gray has a girlfriend (la la la la la la)! Those naps sound absolutely wonderful.

  3. Love snoozy snuggly days! And having a bunch of kitties to do it with? All the better!

  4. We sure are glad to see everyone is all into the snuggling spirit of the season, y'all are looking good!

  5. I have that same layered bed; with kitty-sized blankies on top. I threw over the tyranny of a heavy duvet several months ago.

    I knit a ginormous hat yesterday while all the cats tried to unravel the yarn. The hat was not supposed to be ginormous. It's now a cat cocoon.

  6. Sounds blissful! I'm envious. No kitties at the in-laws'.

  7. We would love to come and snuggle in your layered bed wif you!!!

  8. I love that "Hey! Who turned on the lights?" look they have in the first picture.

  9. Oh I love all the photos...and there is absolutely nothing better than a lazy nap-filled day, with piles of kitties everywhere! Sounds just delightful :)

    I also loved reading about Annie kind of following Gray upstairs and now becoming more adorable...*sigh*...they're just all so sweet...

  10. That looks very snuggly!
    Me and my sisters are making sure to stay warm too - we sleep with mum when she's around, and when she's not, we take over the bed!

  11. LMAO..Internal...or was that Infernal Thermostat....heh,,,I gots one too Momma !

    Kitty naps are the best even if you have one who not only hogs your pillow but snores too...yes that would be you Munchkin


    Aunty P

  12. Oh my dear, dear friend...I am so jealous. I would love to snuggle up to all my fur friends today but it's been too busy round here! But I finally, yes finally, did a post on Monica'sWorld yesterday with a little update. I miss you and hope you have a beautiful holiday and maybe you can come visit after Christmas...I finally have some days off. We can catch up and you can visit with Abigail's Angels...

  13. Sounds heavenly and the furries are all so happy looking, too!



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