Saturday, December 19, 2009

That's Amore!

Thank you for all your warm wishes while I've been out of action folks! Things are slowly getting back to normal here at Casa Space Paws. I'll tell you more later, but know all the furkids are just great!

We have some awesome news... but no pics yet. Little Baby, from Abigail's Angels was adopted. She's got a mom, dad and fursister! I was out of the office the day she came through to new dad, Frank, but he's promised to try to get some good pics since we're all going to be snowed in here in B'more this weekend! :-)

Doc Phyllis came through with some adorable pics to get us started again! Here's a little loving courtesy of Jasper and Kona!! Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that Jasper found such a terrific home???


  1. Happy big snow to you and the boys (and Gus and family, too).
    I wonder if all the "feathers" falling outside your windows will provide some entertainment for your furry ones.

    I'm about 6 hrs. drive up the road from you awaiting my own "big dig" though, thankfully, not as much as you'll face.

    Hurray for a White Christmas!

  2. Awww look at those two! Thats just precious

  3. Just got our first taste of snow in Illinois at Dieter's parents' place. Hope things aren't too crazy in B'more!

  4. Love that second pic. We're getting socked in NJ too, and it's been real fun watching my 2 at the window "swatting" the snowflakes.

  5. whoa! Jasper has really grown. Kona looks so tiny next to him now. So glad these two became friends:) It's so hard to tell if cats are going to get along. I've 4 unrelated cats at my house that barely tolerate eachother even after years of living together:)

  6. Oh so glad that Little Baby has got herself a new forever family! How fabulous!

    Love the Jasper/Kona cuddling utterly adorable :)

  7. Jasper is such a big youngster! Peggy Sue is small so the kitty daddy must have been a solid fellow!



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