Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week, I'm thankful for the PSAs our blog buddies have put out! So many of them have generous hearts and share info to benefit others. Here are just two and an introduction to a lady from whom we'll be getting PSAs in the coming months!

From Catherine, over at Corner of a Cat's Mind, comes the reminder to just say, "No!" to tinsle in your decorating schemes this, and every, holiday season. Just a little tinsle can tangle in the intestines and lay your precious pet low! Pop on over an visit her blog for some awesome holiday ideas, sans the deadly decor!

From both Catherine, and our friend Sue, at Pitter Pats of Baby Cats, comes the reminder that you can make a difference in the lives of families who have lost jobs or are otherwise suffering a hard time. Donating food to a shelter for distribution to families in need can mean a family need not surrender their beloved pets when their family is in crisis. Won't you make a holiday gift that will keep on giving!?!

Many pet food banks are low on supplies because of the economy and more people than ever have had to make the devistating choice between their bean family and their fur babies!

And finally, a new friend, Robin, the lady Covered in Cat Hair, kindly made us a PSA of sorts! You'll be hearing more about Robin in the weeks to come, but head on over and have a laugh... this is one lady who can write! And she writes about one of our favorite topics, cats, very eloquently!


  1. Indeed "no tinsle"! It's just not safe for pets or babies...and well...let's just be honest and say it like it's purely just a Christmas decorating faux pas!!! :)

    Love you ~ love your blog ~ love your cats ~ love what you do here!!! (((space paws)))

  2. Wonderful topics for Thankful Thursdays :) Love all the PSAs! Thank you ladies for spreading the word :)

  3. wandered over to covered in cat hair and, um...i always wondered where you got your "logo" lol!!!

  4. Thanks for mentioning the other two blogs, I went by to say hello. I knew Robin, she's my bud...she is a Professional Member of the Cat Writers Association too!



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