Friday, November 20, 2009

Gus discovers other attributes of the bean litterbox

OK, now let's really check out that weird shelf.

OMG! There's another cat up here! And a whole 'nother room!

Hello! Do I know you? ... Hello!.... You! HELLO!! Geeze... some guys are just rude!

Ummmm.... woman? Have you been holding out on me? Who's that other guy? I tried to introduce myself but he's not talking!

Look, dude, if you don't want to talk, that's OK. You just stay in your room and I'll stay in this one, right?

Now, what is all this junk? Hmmmm.... smells like the woman.

Do you really need all this garbage, lady? I like your regular smell better.

Oh, look! A custom fit! Why didn't you tell me about this before?

Yep, definitely made for me!
(Again, thanks for sharing, Mimi and Patrick!)


  1. oh Gus, you are adorable! Love the picture of your perfect fit in the sink!

    Thank you, Patrick and Mimi, for sharing these photos!

  2. Hey Gus, you are a cutie...and so is that other kitty in the mirror...what a cute little sinker!

  3. Oh, Gus, you are gorgeous! You are soooooooo wonderful you need a blog all your own.

  4. Hey, Gus, that guy in the mirror is one handsome dude, don't you think? He's also got the kind of fur that looks wonderful for petting.

    Patrick and Mimi, thanks for sharing! It's so good to see that Gus is happy, healthy, and very much loved.

  5. I like to drink out of that human fountain that's in that room, but I'm too big to fit in the sink!

  6. Oh Gus, you are just such a funny and gorgeous little guy! I bet you can get that other cat in the mirror to be friends with you eventually :)

    Love seeing how happy Gus is in his new home :)

  7. Mirrors are always a source of fun, aren't they? Though Jada didn't seem that impressed. Gus, you'll have to report back what happens with that other guy :)

  8. Hey Gus! Looking great! Your fur has grown back and everything! Looks like you made yourself at home! It's great to see you again.

  9. are a bona fide, certified, A-1 cutie patootie. It is wonderful to see you so happy in your new home...despite your aloof but oddly familiar "neighbor" in that strange room :-)



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