Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gus & Tory discover is why beans spend so much time in the tiny room

So, what do you think is so interesting in here?
Dunno, what do you think?
Well, they go in and don't come out for a long time, so it must be something!

Well, this isn't very interesting.

Up there was a little more interesting but that can't be it.

Hey??? Where'd you go????

Ah, ha!! So this is why they spend so much time in here! They must be playing hide'n'seek!
(Thanks to Mimi and Patrick for the great shots!! And it's great to see Gus and new sister, Tory, getting along so well!)


  1. Awwww - it looks like Gus and Tory are doing just great! Thanks for the update! Hee - you can instruct them that that little room is the humans' litterbox and thus it is very important :-)

  2. Heh, tedder beat me to it. I was gonna say, "Holy Gus's Tail Floof!".
    Looks like they're having a great time there :)

  3. It is so-oo-oo-oo great to see Gus looking so healthy! You can't even tell he had his injuries!


  4. Oh these pictures are just fabulous! Yay for Gus and Tory getting along so well together :) I especially love that first picture where it looks like they're really discussing this strange "bean" behavior :)

  5. Ditto everything above. And what a gorgeous bathroom! Gus and Tory, your beans have good taste :)

  6. Yay for Tory and Gus exploring the beans' litter box together. Glad they are doing so well and look so happy together. Love Gus' floofy tail!

  7. Gus looks just so healthy and blooming. How wonderful.

  8. I love how well Tory and Gus are getting along - almost tempts me to bring a newbie into the house to see if Her Highness might be as generous as Tory. And Gus looks so wonderful, compared to our first glimpse of him. So wonderful that he is indeed "healthy and blooming" as CatsonsvilleCats says. Thanks Patrick and Mimi for the great pictures!

  9. I am so glad Gus is doing so well in his new home! It makes me so happy to know he found such a great family!



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