Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quick Visit with Grey

On Friday, first foster mom, Sharon, stopped by to see Grey before heading off for vacation. Once again, she came bearing tons of treats for the gang.

And she took lots of pics for first foster dad, Chris! Meanwhile, Aggie found a moth to play with while Sharon kept Grey busy.

Being an equal opportunity kitteh lover, Aggie got her share of attention from our visitor, too!

Come on back soon, Sharon! Grey loved the love!


  1. So many fun feathers! Looks like everyone had a terrific visit. Good stuff!

  2. Awww! What a wonderful kitteh visit. I just adore Aggie's markings! And go, get that moth, kitty! My Freddie sucessfully hunted a moth the other night. For a big, slow-moving cat, he has panther-like speed and pinpoint aim; he dispatched the moth in record speed. I removed the carcass before he could attempt to eat it.

    (And in my usual Buddhist-esque approach, I saw the situation unfolding and did try to shoo the moth out before he came to grief, but Freddie was too fast for me. And since Freddie is an efficient hunter, I don't think the prey suffered.)

  3. That was super sweet of Sharon to come for a vissie before her went away! Glad she shared the love!

  4. Visitors for the kitties! They're so loved :)

  5. Oh it looks like every one had a fun filled day! Yay for happy homes filled with kitties :)

  6. Wow, it is so way cool that you had such a nice visit and everyone really enjoyed it...maybe it will happen again real soon!



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