Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Much To Do Tuesday

Whew! Work is brutal right now and I'm sitting here wondering what in the heck to post since I've been really bad about taking videos and pics (and visiting) of late!

So, one reprint and some unpublished pics to the rescue!

Here's our Percy boy, and his siblings, at three days old. Can you believe the difference a few short months make?? I love going back over his baby pics!

Miss Aggie, the first month she was with us... two pounds and an inch smaller than she is now. And she's still a slender cat!

Peggy Sue lookin' for love. After so many months of being a bit hesitant, she's insatiable these days!

Another view of our Grumplegreykins! (He does get the best "Hurrumph" looks going!)

And, finally, Gus not doing a terrific job of hiding!
Can't wait for the Thanksgiving weekend and a chance to catch up and catch you up on us!


  1. So much to do for Thanksgiving indeed! Hope you and your kitties have a great weekend!

  2. Hee! You should tell your coworkers that they're doing something wrong. T-Giving week is for taking leave, and for giving those who are at work a chance to catch up! *grin*

    Miss Peggy Sue is quite the beauty queen these days! Your TLC is agreeing with her. And what a heartthrob that Percy is!

    I'm loving the Grumplegreykins moniker!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who nicknames her animals. My Freddie's aliases include Freds, Big Guy, Buddy, Prince Friedrich von Kittykat...hey, I never said I wasn't weird :-)

    A safe and happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful animals!

  3. All your inmates look so content.

  4. The pictures are GRRR-8! We are wishing all of you and your family a wonderfurl Thanksgiving!

  5. Sweetie,

    Have a wonderful and safe holiday,.,..have a glass of wine for me and I will have one for you.If nothing else , you know I will be blogging my a** off..yes..there will be BCOTD

    OXOXOXOXO to all


  6. Oh I'd forgotten how tiny those little orange balls of fluff used to be...*sigh*...too cute! Love all your kitty cats and oh my goodness, Grumplegreykins is just fabulously grumpalicous! He and my Poppy would have made a great pair, they could have sat next to each other and Hurrumphed the day away :)



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