Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clash of the Titans!

Ok, really just fun wrestling about, but the other headline reads better, don't you think! ;-)

Doc Phyllis has kindly shared a video of Kona and Jasper!! Kick back, relax and enjoy!

Mom Phyllis reports:
The first time Jasper and Kona wrestled, I couldn't believe that they were suddenly fighting after having been getting along so well for several days. I googled (what's a girl to do?) to find out how you could tell fighting from playing and it turns out it was all in good fun. They take tuns being the bully, there's no hissing or screaming and at the end of it, they just wander off. In fact, the wesbite I found had an answer to basically my question - the responder congratulated the questioner on how much her two cats liked each other. I was so proud.

I've finally captured some of the wild Savannah cats at play....they kept wrestling long after I stopped recording and are now chasing each other all over the house.

And to cap off the proceedings, here are two pics of Jasper at rest. Thanks, Phyllis!! We love the updates!


  1. our two boys love wrestling/playing. They take turns being dominant/chaser and being the chasee.

    We thought the little dumb one was being picked on, but we're over that now. They probably average one good wrestling session per day.

    And we do know what actual fighting actually is- our punkass boy tries to get to the top of the pecking order at "summer camp" (10 cats plus our two at our friends house).

  2. Mr Jasper has grown into such a gorgeous red tiger-stripey teenager! And it's great that he and Kona get along so well. A kitteh needs his (or her) exercise, after all.
    My red-and-white girl will have her girl parts removed today. I hope all goes well and she'll be fine again soon. And I hope that, when we get her a furry companion, she will be as good friends with him as Kona is with Jasper!

  3. Oh - how precious! And yes, Doc Phyllis, the Internets were right this time.

    I look at it this way: If we keep our cats as Nature intended (i.e. armed with a full set of claws and equipped with lightning reflexes), then they would be entirely capable of injuring one another if they really wanted to.

    I used to fret when my Caroline and Freddie would roll around, hissing and growling at each other...but when I saw that they emerged from each tussle completely unharmed and, in fact, seemed relaxed afterwards, I realized that this must be Nature's way of allowing indoor kitties to blow off steam and exercise those inborn hunting instincts in a safe and harmless way. I'm glad that Jasper and Kona are getting along so well!

  4. WE loves to play with each other too. And we thinks Clash of the Titans was a pawsome title. ~S,S,C & F

  5. I guess sometimes those kitties just have to use up some of their energy! Too cute!

  6. Wrestle mania! Yep, they definitely look like they're having fun.

  7. What fun!!! Glad they're getting along do furry well!!!

  8. Jasper paused to give Kona a little mini-bath at about :50. Sweet!

    I adore the orange circle on his handsome chest.

  9. Too cute, love the wrestle-mania video...they look like they're such great pals ;)

    The first time I saw my boys wrestling, I freaked out...then I realized they were happy as little clams, taking turns to bop each other on the head!

  10. What a handsome boy, and they look like they're having a great time. My two younger ones have always wrestled like that since they were tiny. I love how he looks at the camera there, about 30 seconds before the end, as if to say, "Am I doing this right?"

  11. Oh they love to wrestle - and now it doesn't involve my arm as a wrestling partner, as was the case before Jasper came into our lives. Another unexpected joy of being a two cat household.

  12. big sis is definitely making sure lil bro knows who's boss though ;)

    unfortunately, i could give your some video of FIGHTING, if i'd taken any. it's awful - yowling, screaming, growling, hissing that sounds like hyperventilating, fur flying... my cat and my bf's cat do NOT get along. :(



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