Monday, November 16, 2009

Everyday Pettin'

Our pretty girl Peggy Sue has been a love bug ever since she broke the "lap barrier" last week. Lately she's been stretching up for pets while I'm on the computer, her forepaws on my knee, really arching into it. I'd hoped to catch that in this clip but, alas, she wasn't in the mood. Perhaps the camera put her off.

Percy had the poopies last week but exibited no other symptoms of anything being amiss... good appetite, playful, normal temp. It went on for long enough that we took a field trip to the vet (we saw Doc Ed, who is Doc Andrew's dad this time) and a little shot to settle his tummy put him back to rights. Doc suspects he got into something, but I'll be darned if I know what it could be!

Tomorrow we've got a clip from Phyllis with Jasper (Fred) and Kona in action!! Can't wait!


  1. Love hearing the purrs that Peggy Sue is emitting. Warms the heart to hear :D Can't wait for the video tomorrow!

  2. I remember when my little Lena broke the lap barrier. It was after I was gone for 5 days over Christmas. I get home, sit down at the computer, and she jumped up on me. And she hasn't left. Now she cries when she wants to be held and when I hold her, she goes to sleep.

    Any news for Miss Aggie?

  3. That Peggy Sue is sure getting to be a love bug and that is way cool, and I am very happy that she broke the lap barrier too. Peggy Sue, you're a cutie fur sure!

  4.'s so amazing when they do that...they always have their own sense of timing which makes it all the more special.

    OXOXOXO to all

    Aunty P

  5. Jada loves Dieter's lap -- she'll pick his over mine 10 out of 10 times. It's so cute watching her charm him.

    Hope Percy is feeling better!

  6. Oh so sweet...little Peggy Sue just melts my heart...wouldn't it be wonderful if she and Percy found a forever home together? We're keeping fingers and paws crossed for all the little kitties to find their very own purrfect forever home :)



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