Monday, November 16, 2009

Brian has an adoption web site!!

Brian (Adopt cats, we deserve it!!), our champion of pets in need has started a new web site just for adoption news! One word: Go!!

I'll let Brian tell you about it himself:
Some of you may know me from my blog Brian’s Home , or from Twitter as @brian106sc or on Facebook as brian.frum . I love helping other critters find their forever home. You see, I lived in a small cage for eight months before finally finding my forever home. Now, not only am I very happy, we’ve adopted 4 sisters and their names are Sascha, Gracie, Zoe and Dolly. I’ve made it my mission to help others find the same happiness that I’ve found. Unfortunately I’m not always successful, but that sure won’t keep me from trying!

After you've visted Brian, scroll on down and catch a bit of everyday pettin' with Miss Pegg Sue. :-)


  1. Thanks for the promo and I'm glad you like the idea...I'm on a mission and it's not impossible, just challenging!

  2. We saw Brian's new page. It's GREAT! We wish him the best of luck gettin' those kitties furrever homes!!!

  3. How wonderful! Will visit asap. Glad sweet Percy is doing better *snorgles*

  4. Yay for Brian and all the great work he does trying to get little homeless kitties wonderful forever homes!



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