Sunday, November 15, 2009

A couple of everyday moments

Hi folks! Well, we're deep into our annual audit at work... the busiest time of year for we bean counters! Once again, posts and visiting may be sporadic. *sigh* Wish I could retire and just do this instead! LOL! One day...

Anyhow, here are just a couple of quickies... a shot of Peggy Sue and Percy together and a tiny video clip of Mr. Percy finally discovering the cursor (it only took him five months!!). I wasn't going to put it up but, I've been so remiss about posting, I figured 'twas best to share something, even if it's just an everyday moment.

I've got another "everyday" clip in the can so I've at least got one for you tomorrow!! LOL!

A little bit of an optical illusion... Percy's gotten big, but he's not Peggy Sue's size... yet! Mom and son still spend a fair amount of time cuddling. They love the "nest" Sharon sent up with Grey (who has commandeered the primo spot at the top of the my bed) and regularly nap in it. Another favorite spot is, here, on the rug, just inside the front door.

Percy played with the cursor for quite a while after I stopped filming and did, eventually, attack the screen. I discovered that, unlike little kitten claws, adolescent nails are potentially harmful to monitors and have tried to dissuade him from this pursuit ever since!


  1. Awww Percy! Gosh, if only I lived closer to you, I'd be hammering on Lisa's door to take you home! I know that 9 and Chani would looooove you! Love the cursor chasing :D

  2. Peggy Sue and Percy are so cute together!!! Get that cursor thingy Percy, I know you can do it!!!

  3. Awww - how precious! And heehee to Percy's discovery of the cursor! When my Caroline discovered it, I had a flat-screen monitor. When she was unsuccessful in "catching" the cursor on the screen, she stuck her head and paws around back of the screen in hopes of finding that pesky cursor there! Oh, it was funny.

    And thanks for the good thoughts re. Freddie. I am using the tip about giving the shot while he's eating. So far, so good; he barely notices the shot while he's wolfing down his food!

  4. So much cuteness for a Monday morning! A good way to start the work week.

  5. Hee hee! Jada gets mesmerized by the cursor too. And the screensaver.

  6. WTG Percy! Did ya effur catch it? We want to invite all of you to come to a purrday pawty tomorrow for Skeeter's 13th!

  7. Aww, Peggy Sue and Percy are so sweet... although I have to admit that with the video, I spent less time watching Percy follow the cursor than I did thinking, with some incredulity, "There are ADS on IBCK???" o.O (I have Firefox and the AdBlocker plugin--which is just about the best thing ever, BTW--so it's very odd to see a page I'm so used to visiting on someone else's 'puter. LOL)

  8. somehow in all the shuffle, i forgot the mother-son relationship and kept thinking that both percy and peggy sue were lonely without the others. but duh, it never struck me till now that they probably LIKED each other and would make a wonderful PAIR to adopt out together!! now you have to or my heart will break! :p



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