Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Once again, I'd like to mention a couple of blogs for which I'm thankful (and there are quite a number!)... Since I was going to link to these folks today anyway, let's say hi to them in a bigger way! The writers of these blogs really try to reach out and spread the word about those in need.

First, the blog from whom I shamelessly stole the "Thankful Thursday" idea...
Brian let folks know he was thankful for Space Paws a while back. And I've been itching to say, "Right back at ya!!" I adore King Brian's tag line, "Adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!" Yesterday, Brian brought Will to our attention... a cat who was hit by a car (and will be fine) but who needs a new home ASAP. Spreading the word through blog pals, hopefully someone will know someone who knows someone in upstate State South Carolina who is looking for a special furend. So go on over and see if you can be the next link in the chain that finds Will his furever home! Thanks for all the passing on you do, Brian!

And next, Amy, of the House of Cats:

Amy's idea of a good birthday present for herself is to run a commentathon and donate a quarter a comment to a worthy cause! And she isn't just doing it for her birthday, which was yesterday! She's keeping the commenathon open for over a week, so go on over and meet her! Amy's a shameless cheerleader for folks who show their love for our furends and posts some hilarious pics of her babes, to boot!

Thank you both for all your encouragement... not just of Space Paws, but of so many others!! You've really shown us how the power of the intertubes can be leveraged for good!


  1. Oh Lisa...I'm loving the Thankful Thursday. I am looking forward to visiting the 2 blogs you mentioned! And did I mention how grateful I am for Space Paws? It warms my heart to know that animals in Maryland (esp. the Baltimore area) have such a wonderful advocate.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning us today, that really means a lot to us. I want to give you a great big thank you for mentioning Will too, he is a super sweetie and really deserves a wonderful forever home. Thanks for mentioning Amy to, she is a very special human and we visit her often. Y'all are wonderful for all you do!!!

  3. That is so sweet! We hope effury kittie gets adopted!!!

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for mentioning both. It's great to know how the interwebs can be used so well and for such a great cause.

    And Lisa, welcome back! We've missed you too. It's great to see you commenting on our blog again!

  5. That is so sweet of you to mention us - and we love Brian's blog too! We have posted about Will and about the 2 new kittes on his site who need help too (go see him to learn about them). We wish we could take any of the kitties who need home - right now we just can't bring ourselves to add a newbie to the group. We just love how you have taken in all these kitties who need homes - and we hope that they find them soon. All pets deserve wonderful loving homes, but it is good that there are wonderful fosters to help until that time comes!

    And seriously - find the birhtday post and comment - I am keeping it open unitl the 19th so if you haven't been there already stop by!

  6. Enough green papers were contributed to save Chipper and Melanie! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity and support. Y'all are the greatest!!!

  7. Another terrific Thankful Thursday. I'm glad you do this, it's so great to see and meet all the helpful bloggers out there in the cat community.



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