Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a Small World After All!

Still swamped at work, and there's a lot to tell you about, so this is a bit choppy! Year end closing is over on Thursday so more regular, and "together," posts will recommence this weekend... I hope!! :-)

The Small World That Brought Grey to Space Paws
Today I'll tell the round about story of how Mr. Grey came to Space Paws and tomorrow I'll start filling you in on his story!

A couple of weeks ago I got a message from a co-worker, Shireen, saying that a friend of hers, Sheryl (the wife of a former STScI staff member), had a friend in Baltimore who was trying to find a home for an adult cat. I thought, "Whew, that's a bit round about," but asked Shireen for her friend's contact info. Next thing I know, Sheryl contacted me and I saw that she works for NOAO!! NOAO and STScI are part of the same non-profit corporation (NOAO operates Kitt's Peak Observatory in Arizona). OK, a bit less seperation now!

Sheryl let me know that she would give my info to her friend in Baltimore. When I read the email, my jaw dropped! I KNOW Sheryl's friend, Sharon!! Five years ago, Sharon, who works for Johns Hopkins University, and I worked together to streamline the post-graduate billing between our institutions! Not only that, Johns Hopkins is STScI's landlord! Is it a small, small world or what????

So that's the story of how Space Paws came to be placing Mr. Grey Sharonson! Saturday, Sharon will be bringing Grey over to my place and he will be housed in the den/guest bedroom suite. Stay tuned for Grey's story, but to tide you over, here's a short clip from Sharon:

(Sharon has already sent several other clips, so we'll get to enjoy them over the next few days!)

Medical Updates
We've got a couple: Thursday is a big day! The Angels go to Doc Andrew for their first shots and Miss Peggy Sue goes to Doc Hess for her spay. And then, on Friday, Gus will see Doc Hess again for his neuter and I'll pick up Miss Peggy Sue!

Today's Jasper Update
10/6, 9:04 am
I left them out together [today] - they were having too much fun. They're playing a game that looks like tag, and sounds like the Calgary stampede. I feel a bit like I got Kona a really good toy ;)

Miss Aggie is Back in Circulation

Well, this is a "mixed" update. As you might remember, Aggie was scheduled to go to her adoptive home this fall. After we had made arrangements for a summer adoption, her prospective mom, Carrie Ann, was unexpectedly asked to board her sister's boyfriend's (SB) cat, Big Turkey, because SB's roommate wasn't treating the cat well. This being family and all, Carrie Ann said yes.

SB was to find a new place by fall. At first we thought September. Then we were looking at October when things moved more slowly than planned. You can guess the rest of the story... today Carrie Ann said that, while it wasn't 100% certain, she was now getting the distinct feeling her boarder was going to become a permanent resident since SB has not been making many moves toward relocating. In fact, at this point, for a lot of reasons, she doesn't think giving Big Turkey back is the best thing for the sweetie she's come to love.

So, the down side is that we need to find another home for Miss Aggie.

The upside (and there are several) is that Big Turkey will get a parent who really wants him (and a new name!) AND Miss Aggie is now much better socialized with other animals than she was a few months ago.

One of the reasons this had been a good match (and I was willing to wait) was that Carrie Ann, besides being a terrific gal, could only take one cat because she lives in an efficiency. At that point, Aggie loved people but did not mix well with other animals... a perfect only cat. But being around the General Population, Miss Peggy Sue and the kittens for a couple of months has mellowed Aggie to the point that I think she could mix in well with most households. Funny how a window opens when a door closes!

So instead of being disappointed, I believe we should celebrate Miss Aggie's new social skills and that Big Turkey has found a fantastic new mom!!


  1. I've neen reading your blog for a while now, and I want to give you kudos for all you do for cats by working so hard to find them loving, permanent homes. You are a kind and beautiful person to work so hard to help these animals in need.

  2. I just love all your updates...even when they're a bit "choppy", they're still quite awesome! Your website is definitely my little happy place on the web :)

    Grey sounds adorable, can't wait to get to know more about him & his story! The Angels, my goodness, they have grown up so much! As for the Calgary Stampede, I know that sound well, in my house my two boys sound like thundering herds of elephants when they play chase :-) As for Miss Aggie, I'm sure she'll find her perfect forever-home soon! Love how lovely she is...sending her a special hug and an extra special one to you, sweet Lisa!

  3. hugs to all. Grey looks adorable and I got all gooey watching the video. Thankfully, Chani was sitting next to me so I got to get some cuddles in there.

    Glad to hear all the updates. I know Miss Aggie will find her forever home with her new skills and all.

    hugs and purrs,
    9, Chani and Marlene

  4. Lisa - this gets more fascinating (and snorglable) every day. What an amazing coincidence - I can't wait to hear Grey's story! (Six Degrees of Grey Sharonson...heehee!)

    And about Aggie, I am sorry to hear that her first home didn't work out but...I really do believe that things happen for a reason. It sounds like another kitty found a home that he badly needs, and Miss Aggie is much more suited to having brothers and sisters now! So fingers crossed that the perfect forever home will come to her soon!

    And woot for Jasper's continued success with Kona!

  5. Oh Aggie Darlin..You were just a bit slower to blossom than the others...You can be the big sister if you want to...just know where ever you are....you are loved.

    Hugs and headbutts

    Your Aunty Pol

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Aggie. But in the big picture, it's for the best. I hope she finds a new home soon. The poor girl has been through so much her first year. My own furry family is purring for her.

  7. Oh that Mr. Grey is a cutie! It is too bad about Aggie BUT it sounds like it is a good thing that that other kitty, Big Turkey, found a new home. Right now 2 kitties have good homes and that is a good thing - we are sure Aggie will be snatched up soon!

    Any updates on Percy? How is he doing?

  8. What a cutie~pa~tootie Grey is!!! he has such a sweet little voice too! We are hoping Aggie finds a furrever home and that Big Turkey (MOL) has found a new home! We love all of the updates! Kudos to you...

  9. Welcome, Rita! Just so you know, I'm just the "public face" here at Space Paws... it's a real team effort!!

    And thanks, everyone for the good wishes for Big Turkey and Miss Aggie!!



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