Thursday, October 1, 2009

Après Operation

It's done! Percy and Fred are now officially responsible young mancats! They were a bit groggy when I picked them up and we followed the Doc's directions and stayed quiet for a few hours until the boys were fully alert.

Soon enough they were hungry enough to nosh and had even started to play! It's now six hours since pick-up and the boys are almost back to normal. It totally amazes me how quickly kittens recover their verve!!

Fred saying, "Get us OUT of here!!" Percy, on the other hand, said, "Oh, soft! I think I'll go to sleep now."

Fred: We're HOME!!!
Percy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

But soon Fred was ready to catch up on his Zs, too, and found a comfy lap on which to sack out (for over an hour, until a certain foster mom had to say, "Sweetie, sorry to disturb you, but the facilities are a must now!").

There was a bit of uncomfortable looking crouching at first. But Percy, at least, found a comfortable place to do it!

Percy, fully recovered and checking out Doc A's handiwork. (No worries, he hasn't been "worrying" the nip site! This is just a quick inspection!)


  1. Thank you so much for the update, Lisa! I'm so happy to hear that Operation Snip Snip was a success and both young gentlemen are recovering beautifully! Congratulations Fred & Percy! You are now officially responsible young adults, ready to take on the world :) I just love all the photos but that last picture of Percy is PRICELESS! I can't stop laughing :)

  2. I like the third pic from the bottom - Fred looks so blissed out there while sleeping on you Lisa - He knows where his paws are buttered I'll tell ya!!

  3. Isn't it amazing how kitties can sleep on you and no matter how badly you need to use the facilities, you just can't get yourself to disturb them until the very last second? I love that. My dad perfectly understand this and even though he needed me to get something for him, understood how I couldn't move while 9 was sleeping in my lap. Mom understands too. Such great grandparents 9 and Chani have!

  4. OMG...I am sitting on my hands to keep from calling/emailing you to adopt these two precious bundles. Our HOA, in all its wisdom, forbids homeowners from having more than 2 cats in 1 residence. Setting fires and having the cops come out night and day is just fine, however...and yep, I've written all about that :-)

    *scrolls back up to look at sleeping Fred and snuggle-cuddling Percy again* *instant mood lift*

    Thank you so much for tending to the boys, so now they are responsible gentleman kitties! Hugs to you! Any adoption nibbles on either precious one?

  5. It's so funny how I don't like to disturb my kitty when he is sleeping so soundly either ~ yet he will think nothing of poking is cool wet nose into my face at 3 am just to let me know that's it's almost time ( 2 more hours) to feed him! ha ha ~ he's lucky I love him so! Anyhoo ~ hope your two boys are doing well! Looks like it won't be long before they are back at it and doing what kitties do best!

  6. Ah, the "golden snip" - not fun for the kitties, but so very necessary. But it looks like Fred and Percy are recovering nicely, and will resume their full-speed kitten antics very soon.

  7. Oh good...I'm just catching up on all of the blogs after all the hoo dah this week...hugs and headbutts to all...Now good young men cats you two !!


    Aunty Pol

  8. Oh they are so cute!! I wish we were closer because I would love to snatch up Percy (though I think the boyfriend is pretty happy staying at 5 at our house). I am glad the surgerys went well - Barney was just done a few weeks back and he was very gingerly walking for a few days.

  9. Our boys are growing up! Love and purrs to all!!

  10. My mum says that she's glad the surgeries went well! and I say that's good too, because I remember mine! except that I was almost 5 years old when mine happened! that was a shock, I must tell you!

    My namesake Percy is looking like he will be a very fine Mancat :) and Fred too!



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