Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. Grey has come to stay!

Just a quick one 'cause I snuggled in with Grey early last night and fell asleep!! Just woke up and have got to get to work!

Sharon came, bearing tons of (or at least 10s of pounds of) food, toys, kitteh accoutrement's, medical records and (yay!) Grey!! She and I had a nice long visit and Grey, after taking a quick tour of his new digs, retired under the bed! (He's in the usual quarantine area - the den/guest bedroom "suite").

Well, I decided he needed some companionship even if he was under the bed and I was on it, and I laid down and started to talk to him. Pretty soon he came out, lots of rubs, headbutts and purring ensued. About 1am, he decided to become vocal. Not sure exactly what he was saying but he talked up a storm until well after 2 am. He finally settled down beside me and off to dream land we went.

He was back under the bed when the alarm went off (which I accidentally turned off instead of putting on snooze... but thank heaven I had the presence of mind to set it before I snuggled in!). He came out this morning for a quick headbutt before heading under again. We'll see what this evening brings.

It's an adjustment, for the fosters and General Population, too. A couple of the residents got a bit hissy with each other last night (pretty normal when there's a new presence in the house) and everybody wants to know what's on the other side of the french doors. So it's off to give them an extra big snuggle each before I head off to work!

More details tonight!! Here's a quick shot of Grey, snuggling up to Sharon, to tide you over!


  1. Awwwww so cute! Lisa, you are the PERFECT foster Mom. Thank you SO much for opening your house to our sweet greyboy. He'll finally be safe and sound and hopefully find a permanent home where he can be a spoiled lovey companion. I miss him already but I'm sure he's happy to be out of the dark basement, (although it was certainly better than fending for himself out in the wild!)
    Best to all who know and love SpacePaws
    Sharon (ex-foster mom)

  2. AWWW, Mr. Grey is such a sweetie!!! He looks so adorable all squishied up in his bed!!! Glad he's becoming more adventurous and slept with you!!! He'll break out of his shell in no time!

  3. You are such an amazing foster mom! Grey is so adorable - he reminds me of my Jack.

  4. Awww - welcome to Space Paws, Grey! (I could've sworn I posted a comment on yesterday's post, but apparently I didn't. Sorry!)

    Anyway - Grey is sooooo handsome and obviously has buckets of love to give so...I hope he finds a forever home post-haste. Skritches to the rest of Space Paws - don't worry kitties, you are still #1 in your mom's heart, even if there is a new kitty hanging around ;-)

  5. Oh I'm so glad that Grey is now officially a Space Cadet! Thank you Sharon for helping this sweetheart and taking care of him for so long and thank you Lisa for opening your home and your heart to this sweet little boy! He's a lucky boy, and we're keeping fingers and paws crossed that he finds a wonderful forever home!

  6. Oh what a handsome sweetheart! He's a lucky boy, that's for sure!

  7. Awwww..Greysie Poo..you have the best new
    Mommy in the whole world..

    Hugs and Headbutts

    Aunty Pol

  8. Oh such a cutie he is! I am not surprised at the bed thing - they are great places to hide out til things get comfortable for most kitties. And the hissing among the others isn't really a surprise either - we get even if they leave for a couple hours for the vet (doesn't matter who goes - Lola gets hissy with everyone for a while after that - and since we have such frequent trips it means a lot of hissyness).

  9. Sharon and Lisa ~ two very special people I think! It is very lucky kitties that pass through your door. Warmest thoughts to you both and to sweet Grey. I am sure he will soon fit in with the other kitties very nicely!xxxooo

  10. Hi Lisa, thanks for the add.
    I've been reading your blog for a while now, I'm impressed with the work you do for the kittens!
    Grey is an absolute sweetie, looks like a good snuggler.



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