Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grey is starting to settle in

Another quick post before scooting off to work:

Oh my but was Mr. Grey peeved with me when I got home yesterday. He didn't come out from under the bed all evening! (Franca, I was tempted to take your "nest" away from him... LOL! I thought he was permanently glued in there!) I don't think he liked being left alone. But, as soon as the lights went out last night, our boy got significantly more friendly. He purred, he snuggled. And this morning, same thing.

The "concert" started much earlier last night, but didn't last as long. I think Grey wants out, especially at night. He's been very verbal ever since, but mostly looking for love.

He finally used the litter pan (both functions... I was getting a tad worried) and, this morning chowed down with gusto, instead of just nibbling. I'm hoping all of the above means he's starting to acclimate.

In the meantime, the General Population is starting to take this in stride, but I can tell they're wondering where I am by the reception I got when I went to my own bed to sleep from 5 to 7 this morning! Did I say sleep???? :-)

Here's the warm'n'fuzzy video from which I snagged that still yesterday...


  1. Grey's got quite a motor! He looks so sweet and cuddly — love his fluffy belly!

  2. OMG...must...snorgle...that...belly...STAT!!! *giggle* Sounds like Grey and the rest of Space Paws are acclimating! Yes, "business" (both kinds) in the litterbox is a VERY good sign. Hugs to you, and extra pets and snuggles to Grey!

  3. Grey is such a sweetie, and so trusting, sleeping up with his belly exposed like that...adorable little boy! Glad that the litterbox is being used (always a concern in the beginning) and happy that he's chowing down like a champ! Hopefully he'll adjust really quickly :) Hugs to all & purrs from my monsters :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Q used to sleep like that all the time. Grey, you sweetie you! Work it boy!

  5. Oh such a sweetie - he looks great in that video - totally relaxed and at home. I am sure he will start to get used to your schedule and the place very soon!

    I am glad he is using the box - I know that when we first got both our most recent that was one thing I kept checking - and until it looked used that first time I was very nervous (especially with Barney since he seemed to enjoy playing in it a lot as a baby).

  6. he is so COMFORTABLE! good sign!



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