Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Sunday Fun With Jasper & Kona

New mom, Doc Phyllis, has really been keeping us up with the progress Jasper & Kona have been making. Here are some excerpts from her last updates:

Just a quick heads up on the cats, they all great and happy. I've attached a pic of the slumbering Jasper, a photo of Kona and Jasper sharing the window and here's ... a video of him spazzing out. That odd sound is me laughing... Good luck with all the adoptions!

Jasper is chewing on the back pocket of my jeans. Thanks buddy. He's nothing but funny. Well, he's handsome too. Btw, Jasper seems fascinated by my eyes and keeps trying to poke and sniff them, I swear the cat thinks he's a contact lens.


  1. What a dashing pair they make!

    It is great to know and see that Kona accepted this addition to the family so well and so fast. And is obviously teaching him everything there is to know about being a cat in Doc Phyllis' household. :-)

  2. Such a handsome boy- the video shows him off so well - he's gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  3. I love the picture of Kona and Jasper together, looking like they were caught in the middle of doing something naughty :-) Glad that they've become such good friends so quickly! Thanks Doc Phyllis for sending such great updates on our little sweet boy!

  4. What a great video! I love when kitties spaz out. What time of the day/evening was that?

  5. What a pawesome video! We love to spaz!!!

  6. That is so funny. I hope she reads these comments because I wanted to let her know the eye thing - he isn't the only kitty fascinated by them. Floyd used to try and lick my eyes (luckily I always saw him coming and could close them). Hopefully Jasper will grow out of it like Floyd did.

  7. Amy - of course I read the blog! It's my 20 minutes of fame ;) Glad to know that Jasper might grow out of his eye fascination. BTW, my sister's first cat was named Floyd, and he was awesome. Never went for my eyes though...

    Oh, and this was around 8PM, kitty witching hour.



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