Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grey gets two visits Wednesday night & a Jasper & Kona pic

Sorry guys, computer problems yesterday! Here's a little catching up and, in the meantime, lots has been going on that I'll catch up up on over the weekend. Watch for multiple posts!

But first, Doc Phyllis just keeps 'em coming! Yay! The best yet on Kona & Jasper...

And Wednesday, mom Sharon came for a visit!! Yay! Grey was glad to see her and she sure is welcome to come by any time!

Right now Grey is sitting beside me on the "cat chair" after a hearty breakfast. He's out and about a bit more now, but still very, very wary of the critters on the other side of the door. Not unexpected since he was regularlly attacked by the neighbor's cat!

Miss Aggie tried mightily to engage Mr. Grey under the door even though he completely ignored her (for now!).

Poor Miss Aggie! Well, next week they'll get to meet face to face!! :-)

So, have a great weekend folks and check in with us to see Grey's first vet visit and more!


  1. Oh...Kona and Jasper are just adorable!

    And I loved Miss Aggie's attempts to "visit" Grey. I have often seen similar scrabbling kitty paws under doors...but usually, I'm *ahem* tending to business in the powder room, and the paw in question belongs to a kitty who is certain that I'm incapable of using the facilities without his or her assistance *grin*

    Will watch for further posts! TGIF!

  2. Oh I love that picture of Kona and Jasper together! Thank you Doc Phyllis for the great updates ;-)

    As for Grey, sweet little boy, I hope he gets over his nervousness about the other Miss Aggie can win him over with her sweetness! Can't wait to hear more updates on our newest little space cadet! Hugs to all, fosters and residents alike, and of course to their fabulous mom ;-)

  3. Miss Aggie is so cute in that video!!! We thinks Mr. Grey will come sniff her toesies furry soon! And, Sharon seems like a pawesome bean!

  4. i think i could hear miss aggie purring when you got on the floor! i love paws under doors :)

  5. I am so happy to see Kona and Jasper loving each other.

    Grey is so, so beautiful and just so lovable. I am hoping so much he finds a very special human to love forever.

    I just could not stop smiling at the video of Aggie. That was just so sweet of her to offer her peacock feather to a new friend :)

  6. Oh I am glad Grey is venturing out more - hopefully he will be out and about all the time soon!

    And that is so great that there are more Jasper updates - he and Kona are so cute together!

  7. Poor Aggie, indeed. It's tough when boys "play hard to get". Be patient. Once he can mingle, you can slip behind an open door and you can play the 'Door Crack Game' between the hinges.

  8. Aggie is a cutie, and that was a good update. I was just checking in to see how y'all were doing.

  9. Oh, such sweet kitties!

    First, Jasper and Kona snuggling like best buddies — love it! It didn't take long for these two to get along, did it?

    Then Grey snuggling and letting us hear his voice. He and Sharon are so adorable!

    And finally the lovely Aggie wanting to make friends with the "new cat in the house". What a good girl she is! It'll be interesting to see how they interact when they meet in person.

  10. It's wonderful to see Jasper and Kona together, changing each other's lives for the better. And, I love that their mama is taking pics of the sweet goings on!

    That Grey - sheer delight. I hope he feels comfortable enough to play with Miss Aggie, soon.



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