Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you think the boys have any idea what awaits them tomorrow?

I'll bet you do! ;-)

Yep, it's the big snip! Tomorrow they become responsible young mancats!


  1. First off, yesterday's post - awww! It's wonderful to see Mr. Gus so happy in his new home.

    And good luck to the boys today. When it was time for my Freddie to get, um, fixed, I heard quite a few euphemisms. He was "getting his pockets picked" according to one coworker, and "becoming a gentleman" per another ;-) Snip snip and it's done, boys! We don't need any more kittens, and you guys will be happier!

  2. Ut~Oh!!! On the chopping block you go! But REALLY is for your own good. It'll make ya calm, kewl, and collected. Not necessarily in that order though! We will be thinking of you and purraying your "visit" goes well!!! We have an award for you today! :o)

  3. Good for you boys, snip snip, and before you know what happened, there will be no more extra bits and pieces and you'll live much healthier and happier lives ;) My monsters are sending purrs your way, and Bino says he still recommends biting the v-e-t...sorry Doc A :)

  4. 9 and Chani send purrs your way too! Truly, it is for the best

  5. Oh my it is that time already. Barney just went a couple weeks back so we can sympathize with the little guys!

    I cannot believe how big they have gotten! They are such cuties!



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