Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We've been LOLed! ... Colston & Ashton Need A Home ... Patrick's first video of Gus ... New Widgit

We have lots of things going on today!

I've been asked why I seem to be combining items in one post when I could do several posts in one day. Well... it's because I'm afraid our gentle readers will pull a "me." That is, I catch the last item posted for a day and miss the previous ones! And given the stats on post reading, that seems to be true. So lately, I've just been "headlining" the different topics of conversation in one post. Hope you don't mind!

We've been LOLed!

A while back, Amy (of the House of Cats) wrote to Wendy, an LOL creator extraordinaire, and told her that she thought Space Paws was a good bet for her tender ministrations. Wendy kindly wrote to us and, yesterday, she posted the first installment of Space Paws a la Cheezburger! So I guess this makes these Wendy's Cheezburgers! (I know, big groan, especially from Wendy!) A second installment just went up, so check out both the 9/15 & 9/16 posts if you haven't been there yet!

Wendy features Gus prominently in her LOLs. Here's an example:

So head on over to Wendy's blog and check them out! You'll also get a chance to see really clever do ups of other folks blogs, including our own gentle readers Amy and Marlene (and maybe others I don't know about yet??!). Brian, who came over to join us just yesterday (welcome, Brian!), is featured before our post. Thanks Wendy! Great job!

Colston & Ashton Need A Home Together, ASAP

Meet Colston and Ashton, the beloved fur babies of one of our staff. I'll let Melissa tell you her story, in her own words:

I have two Norwegian Forest Cats, both neutered males, ages 12 and 6 years old. I love them and they are my feline children. However, my young son, Alexander is highly allergic to the cats. At first we thought he was allergic to many things, just like me, and therefore taking medicine was inevitable, but alas, he is not. He is only allergic to cats and dogs. So for a 4 year old to be taking 4 medicines, just so he can breath, to allow me to keep my cats does not seem to make sense. It has been hard for me accept this situation, but as a mother I have to protect my son's health.

Melissa is in the horrible position of having to choose between the love of her fur babies and the health of her biped baby. After a lot of thought and prayer, she is going to try to place her boys together in a good furever home.

Tomorrow I'm going to devote the entire post to these handsome boys (and you'll learn they're not just handsome on the outside!). So spread the word, folks, especially if you live in Maryland! And join us tomorrow. Let's try to find a wonderful new furever family for these boys... hopefully one who will grant liberal visitation rights to his adoring first mom!

Patrick's First Video Of Gus
When Gus started exploring his new home, I offered the camera to Patrick. As you'll soon see, he took to videography like a duck to water. Just a little more practice and this young man will be keeping us up to date on Gus' goings on like a pro!

Mimi reports that yesterday, Patrick insisted on coming home before judo lessons (they usually scoot straight there from school), just to be sure Gus was OK! Grandad reports that Miss Tory is not too pleased about the new smells in the house. He's been allowing Gus to roam when Tory is sequestered and vice versa. Tonight, they're going to let them meet each other, with Gus safely in a carrier and Tory getting tons of love and attention. Keep your fingers crossed!

And finally, what do you think of the new Widget?
You may have noticed the new LinkWithin at the bottom of the posts. This is a third party widget I first saw over at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. After a few days of happily following the LinkWithin suggestions on Laurie's blog, I thought why not try it here, too. Let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for keeping up posted, Patrick! It looks like it took Gus no time to get comfortable in his new home. Hope he gets along with his new roommate and the other way around as well.

  2. Great job, Patrick! Gus seems to be oblivious to his surgery--a sure sign that he's doing well. Having introduced newbies to my own cats over the years, just be patient....REALLY patient. I've found that sometimes love happened between the new one and old, but acceptance always happened (more slowly depending upon the age, I think, of the kitty who has lived in the house longest). Miss Tory will eventually get over having an "intruder" in her house once she realizes that Gus is staying and has his scent everywhere.

  3. Thanks for the big plug there, Lisa! I'm just thrilled that you like your Space Paws LOLs so much.

    My heart always takes a dip when I hear about situations like Ashton and Colton. At least their mama seems like she will take her time to find them a good home, and not just take them to a shelter or something. It's heartbreaking. They are such gorgeous kitties, too, which is a plus as they will likely attract more attention.

    Patrick and Gus are adorable together, and yes, Patrick does such a wonderful job with the camera. I must say, he has quite a good vocabulary for someone of his age. He seems to have such a loving nature, too -- his mother should be very proud of him. He and Gus are a good match, indeed.

  4. Gosh...I'm in training for one day and you create not one, but TWO fantastic posts!

    First off - wonderful video of Patrick and Gus. See, now, if I could be guaranteed that my kid would be just like Patrick, I might reconsider my decision not to have(human) kids. But there are no such guarantees. Thank you for sharing, and best wishes to Patrick, Gus and Mimi!

    Colston and Ashton are beautiful. I thought they were Maine Coons but, as often happens, I mixed them up with Norwegian Forest Cats. I will keep my ears open. I'd snap them right up if I didn't have a full zoo/house already.

    Blankie update: We have almost reached square proportions. It's still a rectangle, but a few more rows should do it. The blankie is turning out a lot bigger than I had anticipated - it's probably because of the double strand of yarn. No worries, though, I'm sure there will be lots of Space Paws to, well, take up the extra space!

  5. Oh, and PS: Loving the LOLing/Punning of Space Paws!! How Awesome!

  6. Personally, I am fine with doing everything in one post. I would do that if I could but I always forget and add stuff later (and then cross my fingers that isn't missed).

    I hope that Colston and Ashton find a good home soon. I wish I could suggest them to someone but I don't know anyone out there - but we will be keeping our fingers and paws crossed they find a good home together soon. That has to be so hard to find out that your furry babies are hurting (unintentionally of course) your human baby.

    And boy that is a great video - Gus is very fast considering he had surgery not too long ago. And Patrick is such a sweetie to want check on him. He sounds like a great kid. I hope the introductions go well - I am sure it will be tense for a while but they will learn to get along.

    The widget is cool - I have seen it on other blogs and I always wonder how it knows. I just assume it reads the blog and says "hmm, that looks interesting".

  7. Oh Colston and Ashton, my heart bleeds for you. I hope you find your new forever home soon. I feel so much for their mom. Sending out good thoughts and purrs to her

    Patrick's video is great. I love how he worried about keeping Gus calm and not too rambunctious. What a great vocabulary Patrick has and what a heart.

  8. Patrick, you did a great job with the Gus video...looking forward to many more updates from you and Gus.

    Fingers crossed for Colston and Ashton finding a new home must be heartbreaking to have to give them up, but hopefully they'll find a new forever home where they will be loved and cherished. If there are any Purebred Cat Rescues in the area, they may be able to do a courtesy posting...I know there is a national Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue that could possibly help with placement, but I don't know much about may be worth contacting them though...

  9. Crikey! So much to catch up on, it's all been happening at Space Paws!

    First off, what a wonderful job you did with Gus, he's a little corker and I'm so happy he was adopted (sweet story too)- May he have a long and happy life in his new home. We went right back to the start and read it all. The LOLs from Wendy are great too :)

    I hope the two NFC beauties find a loving new home soon, it must be heart wrenching for their Mum to have to give them up.

    Yay GUS!



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