Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meeting Gus Video, Meet the Family and an Unexpected Gift!!

Over the next couple of days, we'll share Gus' adoption visit with you. Yep, we took several videos (including two by Patrick) and snap shots. Also, Patrick has said he'll take pics and may even post to the blog himself, to let us know what's up with Gus!

Oh, and stay tuned, this coming weekend, we go to visit Abigail's Angels again!!

But back to Gus & Patrick. First, let's Meet Gus's New Family!

Patrick shows us a picture of Tory, who also lives with Patrick and Mimi. Tory and Gus will get to meet each other gradually, over the next couple of days. That distinguished gent in the background is Patrick's granddad!

This is Mimi, Patrick's Mom, my friend, and bald faced liar. More about that later.

Patrick, Mimi and Gus, having a ball.

Before I left, Gus had given Patrick one of his trademark hugs and kisses! I was hoping that would happen!

Mimi reports that, later, Gus and Patrick cuddled up on the floor of Patrick's room for a good while with Gus purring louder than an Evinrude. Finally she shooed Patrick to bed. Patrick has a bunk/desk combo so he's not allowed to take Gus up to bed with him. When Gus can jump up, he can go up. And, this morning Gus came bounding out of Patrick's room to say hello, purring up a storm. Is our little Gus happy in his new home? I think so!!

Next, the Video of Patrick's first meeting with Gus.

When Mimi and I plotted Patrick's surprise, Mimi insisted on doing the camera work. She's the mom, so I said OK and asked that she shoot around me. She said, "Of course!"

She lied.

So Patrick did not know he was being filmed at first and I didn't know at all (figured some hands, etc., but that's all). Had I known I was about to be digitally immortalized, I would have refused. (Probably why Mimi lied.) Or at least, say, put on make up, done my hair and sucked in my gut for the occasion. And Patrick would probably have tried to maintain a shred of his 11 year old composure. As it was, we didn't!! LOL! After extensive consultation with our Space Paws buddies at work, your corpulent author has decided to let you see the real us, since it was an awesome day!

(Oh, and don't worry about Gus' leg... he was stiff from the ride. You'll see him running and jumping in videos shot only an hour or so later! Tune in tomorrow!)

Mimi had told Patrick, early on, that they couldn't adopt Gus, which Patrick accepted with good grace. After Patrick offered up his allowance for Gus' care, she reconsidered but chose not to tell him. Even when he was very disappointed to read that Gus had been adopted (guess he was still holding out some hope), she simply said that Gus had been adopted by a good family, omitting the fact that it was theirs.

Hmmmm, Mimi, this fibbing business is getting to be a habit, eh?? ;-) Worry, woman! Patrick and I have very long memories and we are diabolically creative. You won't know where, you won't know when...

And finally, the Unexpected Gift.

Our gentle readers have come such a long way with Gus and us, in such a short time. We want to thank you again for all your support and generosity! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we are humbled and you guys rock!!

I want to let you know that the rest of Gus' costs have been covered by my late Aunt Bert via my sis! Over the weekend, Lori handed me a check that more than covers Gus' remaining bills. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in wrapping up a loved ones affairs and I had expected Lori to keep anything that was left, but she said no, this was for the kittehs!

What did I tell you? I'm humbled! The kitteh blog community, my co-workers, my sister... unbelievably awesome!!


  1. Just fantastic! I am thrilled for Gus and his new beans.

    I have finished your LOLs and they are posted on the LOLSpot right now. Gus has been highlighted, as I think his story is amazing.

    I always suggest that the featured blog post a link to my site to help increase viewership. I have already posted a link to your blog on mine!

    Please leave some comments and let me know what you think.

    Also, there will be a Part II tomorrow. You have so many amazing pictures still to LOL.

  2. Yay for happy endings!! Or should I say, happy beginnings?

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendy!! They are way cool! Sidebar piece going up now and a feature getting started for tomorrow!

    Go on over to Wendy's gang... http://wendyslolspot.blogspot.com/


  4. That video is so cute! Patrick doesn't seem to believe what's happening, and Mister Gus makes himself quite at home!

    It was lovely to finally "put a face to the voice", as it were. Never mind makeup and all that superficial stuff!

  5. Lisa,

    I just watched the video of Patrick and Gus -- it's so touching! I want to cry.

    And don't worry, I know exactly what you mean when you say you don't like to get in the shots. I have the same problem. I just want you to know that you are a very beautiful person inside and out! The smile on your face says it all!

  6. Smashing. Those two are going to have a long time together and create many happy memories. And of course Gus found the perfect forever home which, considering some of his earlier challenges, is richly deserved. Thanks for the post... I too move away from cameras at a 90 degree angle so I know how you feel.

  7. I've been sitting here just watching that video over and over again...and each time it just melts my heart! I'm so happy for Patrick and for Gus, they're just a perfect match and the video is just awesome! Patrick just seems like such a wonderful young man and I'm so looking forward to hearing more about his adventures with his new buddy, Gus!

    Mimi, thank you so much for secretly videoing our lovely Lisa ;-) It's a thrill to finally "meet" this lovely lady who brightens my day, everyday, with her blog :-)

    Hugs to all, and an extra special one to the lovely and generous Lori! What a great sister!

  8. So many things to smile about. Patrick is a gentle, compassionate young man. What a joy he must be to his family.

    Gus might be one of the luckiest kitties EVAH!

    Lisa finally realized that there are those of us who share and understand her apprehension about being immortalized, and I for one appreciate the reminder that we worry too much about silly things. CCL Wendy is right. Beautiful inside and out.

    Congratulations on this amazing success story. And great appreciation to your dear sister. The love goes on..

  9. I am not normally a huge commenter on all the different blogs I read but that video and story was fantastic! So glad Gus has a great new home. And your sister donating money is pretty awesome too. Yay for a happy ending!

  10. Ack... sorry I haven't been commenting much in the last few days, things have been a little crazy around our house. And I will admit I had very mixed feelings when I first heard that Gus had been adopted--I was still holding out some hope that he might make the same kind of long-distance journey to his forever family as Maddie Bouvier did, over at IBKC. But after watching this video, my feelings are no longer mixed, and I literally can't wipe the grin off my face. I don't tend to use LOL-speak much in my daily life (though I read it fluently ;-) ) but this is truly made of win and awesome. Patrick is obviously a wonderful young man (who bears a startling resemblance to what I imagine my husband must have looked like at 11, by the way!) and it's easy to see that Gus is in the very best of hands.

    And Lisa, may I add my voice to the chorus saying that I'm glad we finally have a face to go with the name and the voice-overs on all the wonderful videos of romping kittens that have been posted on this blog? You are who you are, and I daresay that's what all of us who visit here on a regular basis have come to know and love, and I know I personally don't give a hoot about any little physical imperfections. (As a matter of fact, you remind me strongly of a very dear net-friend whom I finally got to meet in person a couple of summers ago--she's a tremendous cat lover, too.) So YAY all around, for happy people and a happy kitty, and most of all for the folks who made it all happen--ya done good!

  11. Patrick's little happy dance in the beginning just thrilled me. I'm so happy for Gus! You can just feel the joy coming out of Patrick as he's holding Gus. So darn touching

    And thank you for letting yourself be immortalized, Lisa. It's great to have a face to go with your lovely voice.

    I'm so happy now that I've seen this video. And honestly, I can't wait to hear what sort of diabolical plot you and Patrick will concoct to get Mimi back.

  12. Heard about you from Wendy...y'all Rock...adopt cats, we deserve it!!!

  13. What a great video ... and great to see Gus scamper up those stairs at the end. I could see he just needed to stretch the leg a bit. He and Patrick have a great friendship ahead of them!

    And Gus will be even more gorgeous one all of his fur grows back. I wonder if he will be extra-floofy once he has a good home with regular nom-noms!

  14. Yeah for Gus! I am so happy for him and for Patrick.

  15. I have to admit I was all smiles watching this...but Patrick's, "hey little guy" tugged at my heart. Oh, and Patrick ... you did have a sleepover...just not quite the kind you'd expected. And Wendy...what's makeup? Your delight at helping Gus find his perfect family was considerably more "beautifying" than foundation could ever be.

  16. I'll echo the crowd -- it's great to see you, Lisa! And you look great!

    Thanks for the story of Gus told with your usual zest and color. And thanks for the photos and videos. That Patrick looks like one heck of a cat lovin' kid!


  17. This is beautiful is so many ways! I loved how one of the first questions Patrick had was "what does Tory think?". What a loving young man! Mimi, what a fabulous surprise! You are one heck of a Mom and friend! Now that Lisa has been seen on video, our other followers can see what we love so much about her! It's so much better to see the face behind that creative soothing voice. And what a lovely voice and person! That little fib can be forgiven, given the circumstances, won't you agree! Hugs to all, Sonia B.

  18. What a wonderful video!!! Again, brought tears to mom's eyes when Patrick actually saw Gus!!! They will truly be like Frick and Frack! I have to say, that the people on hear are wonderful! Even if one cannot make a donation, words of encouragement are blessings in themselves. We have met some wonderful people on here and we've only been blogging a short while. So, our hats (um mom? we don't wear hats. Ok, quiet you guys!) are off to you!

  19. Ok, I seriously should have waited to read this but I just can't help myself sometimes - seriously brought me to tears. I am so so happy Gus got such a wonderful home with a wonderful boy to love him!

  20. Aww geeze...I should have read this at home..co-workers panic'd when they saw me burst into tears..happy tears but tears none the less.

    XOXOXOX to everyone

  21. This is so fantastic!!
    And my mum is leaking wet stuff. That means it's gotta be AWESOME!

  22. Well, I recognize beauty when I see it - and Wendy? You're it. This whole thing is nothing short of a wonder. I cried too, and my heart just swelled. What a DARLING boy! I see a fine man behind that smile; any child who loves his kitties that much is going to be a boon to his family and his country and this world for sure. Mazel Tov, Gus! Your first terrible life is lost and then rest of the eight are going to be filled with wonder. (Wendy? Did I mention that I love you and the whole lot o' you? THANKS!)



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