Friday, September 18, 2009

Were you anxiously awaiting last night's post on Colston and Ashton?

You know, the one that didn't come?
Me, too! Unfortunately, life intervened last night!
Here's a shot of the handsome duo to tide you over until tonight!

And remember these guys? Well new Momma Jill has just sent us shots of Ginny and George, so they will be the subject of the Saturday Night Post (oh, I crack myself up!)

See ya later!


  1. OMG...Ginny and George have grown up so much! I'm sure they'll be asking to borrow the car pretty soon ;-)

    And I am eating my heart out over Colston and Ashton. What a handsome pair of heartbreakers they are! When I get a chance, I'm going to fiddle with Wordpress to see if it will let me (if it's OK with you) maybe post a pic in the sidebar of any Space Paws needing homes, with a link to your blog. Not sure if WP allows that sort of thing, but I'll give it a go. If that's a problem, let me know. TGIF to you!

  2. Oh I can't wait to find out what is happening with Colston and Ashton. And Ginny and George pics - sounds like it will be a wonderful weekend of posts!

  3. Looking forward to all of the fun posts this weekend! What kyute kitties...!!!

  4. That Ginny/George photo is crying out for some kind of LOL caption. Hm. All I can come up with is, "HEAL!" I'm sure someone else can do better.

  5. OMG, Margaret! You bet it's OK with us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    TGIF, too!

  6. Oh Colston and Ashton just break my heart...what a pair of gorgeous boys! I'm really hoping they find a wonderful forever-home together.

    George and Ginny, well, what can I say...they have grown up so much it's unbelievable! Those itty bitty balls of fluff are now looking like *gasp* teenagers :-) Can't wait to hear the updates!

  7. That boxing picture of Ginny and George just cracks me up. They're getting so big now!

    And handsome Colnston and Ashton... sigh.. if only, if only. I hope they find their furever homes soon!



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