Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy day today, pics coming tonight

Thanks everyone, for your good wishes and suggestions... not sure now if this is alergy (and the rain has helped tamp it down) or a "real" illness, but I slept from the time I got home from work yesterday and this morning, feel much better!

Gus goes in for his shots in an hour and the boys have a meet'n'greet this afternoon. Pics and video will be posted tonight!


  1. Sounds like you needed the rest :)

    Good luck with the meet and greet boys! And Gus, I know you'll be a good boy for your shot.

    Can't wait for the video and update!

  2. oh man , you're killing me...Robin Hood and pictures...huzzah.


  3. Sometimes crashing for many many hours is the best way to combat lurking illnesses :) Glad that you're feeling better! Can't wait to hear about the meet'n'greet :) Fingers and paws crossed all around :)

    p.s. Bino wants to remind Gus that biting the vet is generally a great idea, especially when they stick those horrible sharp needle thingies in your bum!

  4. Aunty,
    I sobbed buckets again for Marion & Robin (last season's finale rebroadcast!).

    Marlene & Hyacinth,
    Yep, the rest made a heck of a difference!

    Tell Bino that Gus tried!



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