Monday, September 14, 2009

Just a Quickie - Angels Romp

Just a little smile for the day!

Oh, by the way, Fred & Percy officially no longer fit in the "cave" portion of their cardboard scratching pad. This does not stop the play, however! I'll try to get a clip of one of the boys wedged in, with pieces parts hanging out, and his brother attacking said parts. It's really quite hilarious. They then proceed to "explode" the scratching pad, which I put together again for them, so they can do it all over again! ;-)


  1. The Angels are big! They look like cats now, not just black-and-white bundles. And what adorable blue eyes this one had...

  2. Aww! How they have grown. Thank you for the Monday morning pick-me-up!

  3. OMG..the pre pounce butt wiggle......LOVE IT !


  4. Wow they have gotten so much bigger. They are such little cuties!

  5. OMG They are SUPER kyute!!! Cats are the best!

  6. When did they get so big? Weren't they tiny bits of black and white fluff just a few days ago? Goodness, there must be something in the water there :-) They are just all so cute, but as Aunty Pol said, the pre-pounce butt wiggle was just the best :-)



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