Friday, September 11, 2009

Love Them Smelly Laces!

Hi everyone! Well, I crashed tonight when I got home (think I'm coming down with something... *sigh*) and woke up not long ago. So here's a quick one from the Angels visit. Introducing Miss Cheeks!

And thank you, everyone, for all your good wishes on the adoptions! My fingers'n'toes are all crossed, too, hoping for good news in the coming week! Have I mentioned lately that you guys are the best!?



  1. Miss Cheeks is adorable! So darn cute :)I hope you feel better too, Lisa. Take care!

  2. Makes a person wonder why they buy their kitties expensive toys from pet stores when old laces and brown paper bags will do! :-)

  3. Hello my friend! What Catherine said. I am serious. My cats have more toys than they can shake a stick (or paw) at, and what do they want? Paper bags, shoelaces, and anything that twitches or makes crinkly sounds. *sigh*

    Feel better Lisa, and let us know how the human-kitty interviews go!

  4. So sweet - I remember my two doing this when they were kittens!
    Feel better Lisa!!! There is certainly something going around. I have it so will stay home with the cats today. There are worse things,

  5. Now THIS is the work of a Dedicated Shoelace Chomper!

    All of the kitties who merely dabble in the occasional nibble should see this as an example of what a master of this combined art, science, and craft can accomplish.

    (Wow, I was able to say something more articulate than "awwwwww...kitten...awwwwwwww...kitten being silly...awwww.")

  6. Feel Mo Bedder Honey..sleep is the best thing..grab a kitten or 3 and go crash



  7. We hope your feel better, Lisa!!! And as for little Miss Cheeks??? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. Hope you feel better soon! Staying home and snuggling with a bunch of kitties is the best remedy :)

    Little Miss Cheeks is just adorable...and boy was she interested in those laces :) Too cute!

  9. How adorable is Miss Cheeks? There are adequate words in the English language to describe her properly!

    By the way, Amy of Amy's House of Cats suggested to me that you might like to have your kitties LOLed. I am the resident Cat Blogosphere Loller and I have my own site called "Wendy's LOLSpot". Here's the link:

    Just so you can check it out. If you would like to be featured, just leave a comment giving me permission to copy photos from your blog, and I'll schedule you in -- likely for later next week.

    It looks like you have some great LOL material, here! Looking forward to hearing from you, hopefully.


  10. Lisa,

    Cute stuff with the kitties....hope you feel better. I, too, just started coming down with something yesterday. I am going to crash tonight.

    Take care,

  11. Did anyone else notice that when Miss Abigail stretches her front legs together just so that her markings form a perfect little heart?? She's there in the background. : )

  12. Boy, that was one determined kitten. LOL

    And just as a thought, for anyone who thinks they might be coming down with something viral: If you have a health/natural foods store somewhere nearby, go and get yourself some black elderberry extract and start on an intensive dosage (1 tsp. liquid/syrup or 1 chewable lozenge 4X per day). I take a "maintenance" dosage of the stuff and haven't had so much as a cold in several years, though as I don't work outside the home, I get exposed less than most, too. Still, I've read from numerous sources that if you start on elderberry within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, it'll often cut the time you're sick by several days and decrease the general severity of whatever you've got, even with flu, so it's certainly worth a try.

    Just make sure that whatever you buy doesn't have a lot of extra herbs and whatnot added to it--those things won't decrease the effectiveness, but the most common addition I've seen is echinacea, which is in danger of going extinct from over-harvesting, so it's probably best to steer clear of that unless you've had it specifically prescribed by an herbalist or other professional. The syrup made by Nature's Answer ia a good choice (that's the one I use myself), and Sambucol is another good and widely available brand.

    (This has been a public service message from your friendly neighborhood alternative medicine wannabe-guru--or in other words, I'm not a doctor or anything like one, and if you have a serious health problem, for heaven's sake, do some of research of your own before you take ANYTHING!)

  13. Oh my gosh that is one cute kitty! I needed that cuteness today very badly!

    I hope you feel better - maybe if you rest you will feel better by Monday. I am convinced that when the school year starts the germs get around more - even when you aren't in school, and don't have anyone in school.

  14. Sue,

    You are absolutely right about the "purfect" little heart. I never noticed this before. I can't wait to show Hannah. I will definitely be looking and taking pictures of of her posing like this. She certainly is a special kitty. This only adds to her uniqueness. Thank you so much for being so observant:)




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