Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gus & Fluff'n'Stuff

Since I don't believe in jinxes, I'll share this bit of good news, even though nothing is certain yet. We have several folks interested in Gus, Fred and Percy!! Meet'n'greets are scheduled for the coming week to see if these are good matches. Yep, no names or identifying info because it's important that everyone feel comfy. It's just as important that prospective adopters feel OK about saying, "Not this time," as they are saying, "Let's sign on the dotted line." Every furever family is different and making a good match is important for both the critters and the family (including the resident critters) that is considering opening their hearts!

Blessings have poured our way lately... let me catch you up on the gifts toward Gus' surgery. First, we want to thank everyone for their moral support. A kind word, a funny quip - these are gifts worth more than gold! Reading your encouraging words turns a crummy day (yeah, there have been a few) into sunshine. Knowing there are caring folks keeping our critters in their thoughts and, sometimes, prayers is priceless! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

To date, between the 'tute staff and our Internet friends, 50 wonderful folks have sent a little something our way. Let me say again, we never expected this and are touched beyond words! Since a couple of gifts are coming snail mail, I don't have an exact total, but I expect it is about $1200!! What an incredible help this has been! We'll continue to keep you updated.

But wait! There's more!!! Yesterday we received two more gifts!! Margaret is knitting us a blankie to help keep the fosters feeling safe and snug. She's done one for her own Freddie and it still comforts him on those nerve wracking trips to the V-E-T!! We can't wait to see it!!

And Franca sent along not one, but two, nests for our fosters. Here's what happened when I put one out:

The boys immediately rushed over to check out the new object in the living room.

Soon they were joined by Miss Aggie, who just had to see what all the fuss was about.
Percy quickly claimed the space as his very own.
But made the mistake of getting out to see what his brother was up to when he heard noises coming from the couch. Percy, not so politely, asked Miss Aggie to vacate the premises!
And once again asserted his sovereignty!
He refused to grant Fred access, clearly stating this was a one kitteh nest, at least for now!

And Fred just laughed... "Then this one is mine, mine... all mine!!"
See Franca, you didn't know you'd given a toy as well!! Tomorrow we'll put out the other and see what happens!

And, finally, to wrap up our time together, a little sunshine for you! May we present, Fluff'n'Stuff!


  1. I wish nothing but the best for all the kitties, and I hope everybody finds their forever homes. Mr. Gus is special to me, though, and I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that he finds the very best kitty people in the whole world to take him in and make him family. (Alas, it's not me going to meet His Gus-ness. Sundown and I are still waiting for Ziggy to finish his interviews of of potential new additions for us.)

    If nobody meets with Gus' approval, however...well, then we'll just have to see. :-)

  2. Percy looks JUST like my little Harley Dude!

    I hope they all find furever homes soon, and bless you for taking such good care of them.

  3. What Meg said. Thank you so much for doing what you can to help these little ones. And yes, it is important that the adoption be a good match for the humans AND the kittehs!

    (Psst...pop over for a visit and you can see the blankie, as it is now. I'm working away as fast as I can; Mr. Gus might be gone before it gets done, but I'm sure it will help to comfort a new arrival!)

  4. Yeah for possible forever homes! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they work out.

  5. We are really purraying that effuryone gets along this weekend. We know you will truly miss Gus, but we think you are an angel for taking care of him! And as for Fluff~n~Stuff, KYUTE!!!

  6. Excellent possible adoption news! And of course you're right that everyone needs to agree that it's a perfect match. And I think there's going to be some "discussion" about occupancy of the new kitty cave..

    And THAT FLUFF! One of my all time favorite things is a kitten on it's back on a lap, little legs flailing.

    What a treat to see Miss Agigail. She truly is a beauty.

  7. Keeping fingers, toes, and even eyes crossed for all the little foster babies finding wonderful and loving forever homes :)

    Love how Mr. Percy quickly established himself as master of the kitten-nest! You go Percy! In a home with many kitties, one must have "a room of one's own" :) Fred looks quite giddy with HIS paper bag/nest/toy so it doesn't seem that he minded his brother's takeover of the other nest :)

    Of course, last but not least...melting here at the little fluffy upside down kitten on Hannah's lap...what an utterly adorable little ball of fluff! Oh, and the flailing legs was just priceless!

  8. Oh I am sure that all the kitties will find their wonderful forever homes soon - and it is great that they have you to take care of them while they wait! And I am not surprised that you got so much help (if I had thought about it I would have linked on my blog, but our little stuffed visitors had me in a bit of a haze). The cat blog community is always so generous. And honestly, since you aren't a traditional foster set up, and are really just helping all the little guys out of the kindness of your hearts, well, at least for me it makes me want to help out MORE! I have always said that if I could I would love to open a place for cats where I could take care of them - and you guys actually did it!

  9. Keeping paws crossed for good homes for everyone! We loved the fun pictures of everyone!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  10. Fingers crossed for the adoptions!!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    fyi(I'll be sending a check after the next paycheck ;)... )

  11. I love Miss Abagail's rear profile!

    Good wishes for the kits as they decide who might be worthy to love them for forever! (Yeah, we all know who picks whom.) :-)

  12. Oh, folks, thank you, thank you for all the good wishes!

  13. I just love, love, love that Percy! ....and cute feet Hannah :) (my lovely cat loving daughter!)

  14. Oh and Miss Aggie looks like a Princess.....and I hugs to all of the kitties!



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