Monday, September 7, 2009

Gus & A Maples (Another) Smackdown

Who's that kitty in the window? Why, yes! It's Gus. (Actually on the table in front of the window.) Our little boy is jumping to beat the band these last couple of days. And acting like the kitten he is. My heart still clutches when he comes careening around a corner or taking a jump that a healthy kitten would but, so far, so good!

Whatcha up to lady?? Do ya wanna play? Huh? We'll have fun! Yeah, let's play!

This sneaky little Gus also managed to get out amongst the General Population, albeit very briefly today. Shot right out the door between my legs, he did! He can see the other cats in the living room through the French doors, and even plays with Percy and Fred, batting at the glass. I so wish I could explain to him why he can't join us on the other side.

Here's a little video of the Maples whupping up on each other. ;-) It's a little dark 'cause it was shot at night.

And last, but not least, thank you to all the gentle readers who have generously asked to help with Gus' medical expenses! We do appreciate it soooo much!


  1. Hello my friend! After jubilating (is that a word?) all day Sunday and Monday, I'm just now making the bloggy rounds. Thank you SO much for sharing in my joy at Kilkenny's victory. I love NFL football, but I grew up with Kilkenny hurling. I wasn't kidding - when I was about 7 or 8, I got my first team jersey. They didn't come in kids' sizes at the time, so mine fit like a dress. I refused to take it off :-) And to this day, whenever Kilkenny plays, win or lose I'm emotionally involved.

    The bummer about following Irish sports is that once you leave the pub, nobody knows what the jersey means or what just transpired. Sharing my joy (and tears) with my bloggy friends helped me to keep the party going, if only in my mind :-) I was so tempted to wear my jersey to work today; but unlike a Redskins or Ravens jersey, nobody would know what it meant.

    Now, about Mr. Gus - it sounds like he is going right back to his wonderful kitten ways. I think that's a good sign!

    I have a question - maybe I should email this to you, but - I'm actually working to clear out my yarn stash by knitting small blankets that I hope I could donate to a shelter or rescue. It's an idea I got from reading about the "Snuggles Project", where knitters can use up old yarn and help animals at the same time. The animals don't care if the yarn is mismatched or if every stitch isn't perfect, but they do appreciate a snuggly blanket!

    Would that be something you could use? Right now I'm using 2 strands of worsted-weight yarn (75% acrylic, 25% wool) and the blanket will probably measure about 15" x 15" when it's done. Just a thought for you, or perhaps for other knitters out there.

  2. Whahoo for Gus healing nicely! It's so great when our four legged friends get their health back! Good stuff!

  3. The video was priceless! Oh my goodness, I laughed so much at the smackdown between little momma and her rather big boys, especially that one bit when she had Fred in a headlock and was licking Percy...just priceless :) Can't believe how much those little orange balls of fluff have grown...they're all long and lanky now :)

    As for Gus, sweet little naughty glad that he's up and running and trying to escape into the general population...I always think naughtiness is a wonderful sign that kitties are feeling better :)

    Hugs for all the Space Paws humans and the four-legged Space Cadets :)

  4. Oh my gosh, Margaret! That would be awesome! It seems like we're in a perpetual wash cycle, bedding wise, especially when they are young. More than once I've broken into my "good" towels because of a bedding emergency!! What a terrific idea!

    Thank you, thank you!!

  5. Sweet Gus, you are sooo naughty. I'm so glad that you are healing so well.

    Those Maple boys... so big! hehe love how they tried to nurse on Peggy Sue but she was outta there!

  6. WTG Gus!!! We are so happy to hear you are acting as if nothing happened! Just, be carefurl. Also, that video is HYSTERICAL!!! Bunny kicks, Tag Teaming, and Suplexes!!!

  7. What a little sweetie! SO glad to hear he's doing well. He'll make someone a warm, snuggly, playful, vivacious ball of floof someday, if not sooner. Not to mention strikingly handsome.

    Here's to a quick recovery and a furever home!

  8. Oh I am so behind in visiting - it is great to hear that Gus is doing so well. It is too bad he can't be in with everyone yet, but he will be able to soon. And boy, that was a great video!

  9. I love the vid, too. Percy's look when Peggy Sue leaves is priceless! He's all, "Hey! Where'd the milk bar go!?!?!?"

    And of course, good news about Gus. He's healing really fast! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  10. Yay for Peggy Sue, putting those overgrown babies in their place! haha, no milk for you!

  11. Aww, I love the video... how cute to see Peggy Sue and her babies playing together, even if the babies are almost bigger than she is. I'm with Hyacinth, the headlock/lick maneuver was great--and I totally LOL'ed when she immediately put the nix on the nursing attempt. You could almost hear her say, "Hey, you're big boys now, you don't need to be getting into that!"

    And yay for Gus feeling better! I'm so glad he's healing so well from his surgery.



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