Sunday, September 6, 2009

ICHC Caption Material

What would this little guy be saying if only he could speak?? What do you think?
For some reason I just love this shot - it screams caption! Below is a tighter crop of the same pic.

Hi!! Just a couple of quick shots of the Angels, the Maples, and Gus before I head out to a Labor Day BBQ (yeah, yeah, I know our family has the wrong day... but this is the day most folks could make!). I'll be uploading some videos while I'm gone so you can see action shots.

Mr. Gus is doing fine! He's putting some weight on the leg now and he has discovered he can jump without using it... so we're up on the bed, the top of the crate and the chair now. Gives me a heart attack to watch but Doc Hess said he can do whatever he feels up to doing so I'm quashing my instinct to try to keep him quiet. Giving him Amoxi is getting to be quite the challenge! The incision still looks good, so he's just gonna have to suffer through it - we want it to stay lookin' good.

I slept in the guest bedroom last night (actually ON the bed) and we had a nice cuddle. Unfortunately it's only a twin and he abandoned me after about an hour or so, taking up position under said bed. When I got up this morning, he quickly appropriated the warm spot.

And here's some other random cuteness...

A still from the "Do You Love Her" video session.

Somehow this shot seemed, well, angelic to me!

Three shots of our boys chilling on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Yes, this is Peggy Sue, Fred AND Percy (you can barely see a sliver of his back) squashed into the upper tier of the living room cat tree on Friday night. It is an evening shot so it's a bit dark. The cat tree is their bed of choice, but usually mom is on level two and the boys are on level three.


  1. Wow aren't the Maples so big now... ;) Cuddly or what!!

    Go Gus! Cute Little Angels too...

  2. Oh that first picture is just so funny...can't decide if she (I'm pretending it's a she) is giving us her "over the shoulder, pouty supermodel, come hither" look...or...secret agent James Bond kitty (now we pretend it's a he) whispering into a tiny little spy gadget...either way, the photo is just adorable!

    So are all the other photos...and that last photo with Fred draping one little leg over his mama is just priceless :)

    So glad to hear Gus is up and about and moving and jumping :) What an absolute sweetheart!

  3. oh my gosh, the boys are getting so big! And good on, Gus! That's great that he's jumping and appropriating warm spots. Glad to hear he's doing so well.

    And as for that first shot, so darn cute. Yes, it definitely screams caption!

  4. All these photos are great! I'm especially heartened by the one of Gus since he is lying on the hurting side -- definitely a sign that it isn't hurting so much!!!

    Yet my fave is the Maple family squinched up tight together. Pretty pretty Peggy Sue is looking great and it's obvious the boys are almost as big as she is!


  5. Of course that picture is angelic. It's the "panis angelicus" (bread of angels) for the new millenium: a kitty pretzel!

  6. Sighhhh - lovely to see all kits and cats at peace and enjoying the weekend after such a rough week. (I hope you got some good rest in the guest bed, too!)

    I love the Angel photo - I agree with Hyacinth - it could be a come hither look or a supersecret agent shot. Will have to put my caption thinking cap on...

  7. I vote for "pouty supermodel" in that first shot.

    And is that Fred's leg draped so artfully in the final shot? Very nice.

    Gus is flashing his toe beans. I'm completely captivated, and trying to convince Sundown that two displayed toe beans mean "please drive out from Colorado and adopt me" in secret kitty-code. (So far, he's not buying it.)

  8. Those are all such great pictures - I love the first! I have no caption talent but I sent the link to Wendy who does Wendy's LOLSpot (she just did a bunch of funny one's of Moo and Baa visiting us a couple days ago). She may contact you about it - I am not sure we are allowed to nominate people.

    I cannot believe how big the boys have gotten. Peggy Sue must be pretty small because she doesn't look that much bigger (her body does but the heads, which I go by, look very similar).



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