Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gus and more Gus

When I've got a foster quarantined, I usually pull my "second" office chair up so I can pet the inmate while working on the computer. Over the years the poor chair has really taken a beating!
For some reason all the cats seem to like the smell of the leather and go after the chair, marking it as their own. The plus here is that, while it looks ugly, the kittehs stay close and allow me to love them up while I'm working.

Tonight, things have been a bit hectic (in a good way... more tomorrow on that!), so I decided to snap a couple of pics of Gus, who was resting, sweetly beside me, for a quick post...

As soon as I pulled out the camera, he decided he needed a closer look.

I reached out and gave him a pet, and he moved in closer.

And he reached out, I thought, to love me back.
Ohhhh, no! That's not what he had in mind at all!

'Twas the camera trap that held allure, not me!
So, while we were at it, I grabbed a very short video of Gus and the camera strap for your viewing enjoyment!


  1. Very happy to see Gus doing so well!

  2. Woohoo! Go, Go, Gus-Zilla! (How did Blue Oyster Cult get into my brain this morning?) I'm so happy to see Gus looking good! And hello? Bonus points for that gorgeous fluffy tail? Beautiful. My Boy Cat is also fascinated with the camera strap. My girl "poses" like the diva she is ;-)

    When I first got my girl cat, I made the rookie mistake of hanging my leather jacket over the back of a kitchen chair.

    You guessed it - within a day or two, my little girl had streeeetched her little body all the way up and had, um, "decorated" my jacket. It looked a lot like that chair :-)

    I wasn't upset with her, because it was my own fault for leaving the jacket out, and she was just doing what cats do. I still wear the jacket, and every time I do, I see my little one as a tiny fluffy kitten again. Awww *grin* Thanks for the updates!

  3. Yay Gus! What a tail! What a face! I soooo want to bring him home. Resident kitties would not approve.

  4. YAY 4 Gus!!! You are such a silly boy!!!

  5. He's SO beautiful and sweet. What a treasure.

  6. Thanks for the video - good to see Gus in action and doing so well! What a great kitty!

  7. The video was awesome...so cool to see Gus in action, and what a fabulous tail!

    Love your leather chair by the way...looks very similar to my husband's office chair, except that when the cats claim his chair, he ends up kneeling on the floor to type...getting a second chair for him would be a good idea :)

  8. Oh Gus is so cute! He just has the sweetest face! And that video was great - Barney is the same way with both the camera strap and camera bag strap - if I don't have the camera strap around my neck I just can't get a picture of him! It is so good that Gus is doing so well!!

  9. Yes, folks, it is good to see Gus so feisty!! I love the way he just zips around the "suite!"

    Had to laugh about your jacket, Margaret! Been there, done that! ;-) I shall have to start referring to my furniture as "professionally decorated" from now on! And all of it has been decorated to some extent. Oh, no, wait... that's a lie. They haven't been able to get their claws into my grandmother's oak desk! But one day I'll show you pics of the bedroom set. Made the mistake of buying pine. *sigh*

  10. Finally caught up "off-duty" with Space Paws.

    I have the exact same leather chair with details. There is something about leather chairs. Even my standoffish cats will come running for attention when I am sitting in that chair. This makes for especially professional videoconferencing moments when I am working from home. "Well the number is...oh, uh, hi, this is Frankie."

    I noticed Gus is lying on the operated-on leg. Having had a cat who recently went through a somewhat similar procedure, I recently told my vet that he always seems to lay on the leg that was injured. She said that is instinct for the cat to protect it. So now I have watched him and he is certainly does always keep that leg under him when he is lying on his side. Smart cats!

  11. LOL, Former Commander! I would love to see Frankie come up behind you, that must be a hoot!

    That makes such good sense about the leg. He will lay on the other side, but primarily favors laying on the injured leg. You're right, smart cats!



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