Monday, September 21, 2009

And Then There Were Three

Another installment of the giggle fest we had at Monica & Hannah's house over the weekend. Again, we aren't a quiet bunch!

Saturday will see the last S-H-O-T-S and the following Thursday will be the S-N-I-P-S for Percy and Fred. Don't want to make the boys nervous, you know!

I don't know if I mentioned that, since we don't have the pressures on us that shelters do, we're following Doc A's recommendation to take care of the itty parts at the four month mark, if possible. He completely understands the shelter rules, but, with this litter, we have the luxury of allowing the kittens to get all their shots first. New parents Jill and Peter are lining up the same thing for Ginny and George in October (it's in the adoption agreement, in case you were wondering).

Momma Peggy Sue will be freed of her not-so-itty parts in a few weeks. I do still see a little bit of evidence that the lads may still be getting their heads in every so often, but the mammaries have almost receded. I have to wonder if the little scamps wait until she's asleep because I haven't seen her allow nursing in a very long time. Every time they try, she firmly rejects them... and, as a result, they don't even try very often.

We'll be working with Doc Hess to make arrangements for the Angels. Most of them aren't quite at the two pound mark yet. Whew! It's going to be a busy fall!!


  1. Awww, so precious! And woo-hoo for the impending departure of the itty bitty bits! We do not need any more kitties with bits, that's for sure.

    Loved the description of Momma Peggy Sue's rejection of those kittens who try to belly up to the bar! 'Tis time to grow, kitties. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I will be glad when they all have homes but I will be sad to see all the little ones go. They are such little cuties! You should put a "you must send updates and pictures" clause in the agreement!

    We understand about waiting on the removal of the little bits - our vet will often wait until about 6 months, although he will do it after the 5 lbs mark (which is what we did - which for us was at about 4 months for the last two). As long as the bits are taken care of - that is the most important thing.

    Any update on Colston & Ashton - they are such pretty kitties I hope that they are able to find a good home together. We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed they find someone soon!

  3. OMC!!!There is just WAY too much cuteness in that video!!!

  4. Oh these little Angels are just so adorable...fingers crossed that they all find wonderful homes :)

    Happy that Fred and Percy are getting their itty bitty parts snipped need for those extra parts anyway ;)

    Oh, and I also agree with Amy...there MUST be a update/pictures clause in all adoption contracts :)

  5. How's Miss Aggie doing? Is her adoption still a go? Fall officially starts today. She deserves a good hope.

  6. Hi Jason! Miss Aggie is doing great. I'll try to get some shots. It looks like October sometime. Her new mom is housing her sister's boyfriend's cat while he looks for new digs (her apartment is small or she'd take both) so we were delayed just a bit.

  7. I never tire of looking at itty bitties. So sweet. And this guy Percy Maples looks an awful lot like Buck!



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